Arts & Entertainment, News / January 3, 2020 Photo Club is bringing opportunities for students

by Tracie Tuttle--Morningside’s Photo Club is looking to bring more opportunities to students in the coming semester.

Arts & Entertainment / January 1, 2020 Star Wars: Rise of a Mess

by Abby Koch--Director J.J. Abrams returned to the Star Wars franchise to conclude the recent trilogy with Rise of Skywalker. The final chapter of the trilogy and of the Skywalker saga begs to be liked but ultimately feels odd and an unfulfilling conclusion.

Arts & Entertainment / December 27, 2019 Shrill is a journey of finding self-confidence

by Tracie Tuttle--The first season of Shrill takes the viewer on a journey of a young woman finding her self-confidence.

Arts & Entertainment / December 26, 2019 Schitt’s Creek is the best show you’re missing

by Kiki Bennett--Schitt's Creek was created by the comedic genius of Eugene Levy and his son, Daniel Levy. The show follows the Rose family, whose riches turn to rags. The family is forced to move to Schitt’s Creek, one of their last remaining assets, which was bought as a joke. The family moves to Schitt’s Creek and quickly finds that the town inhabitants are much more boorish than the posh and privileged that they are used to.

Arts & Entertainment, News / December 20, 2019 Sioux City Art Center opens two new exhibits

by Tracie Tuttle--Two new art exhibits recently opened up at the Sioux City Art Center.

Arts & Entertainment / December 17, 2019 Dollface tried to be relatable

by Tracie Tuttle--Dollface, a Hulu Original, definitely tried to be relatable.

Arts & Entertainment, Photo / December 16, 2019 Paint the alley: downtown Sioux City murals

by Tracie Tuttle--Murals in downtown Sioux City are helping bring the alley ways between 4th, 5th, Pierce and Nebraska Street to life.

Arts & Entertainment, Photo / December 15, 2019 Siouxland community celebrates Art SUX Gallery opening

by Tracie Tuttle--Artists at the new Art SUX Gallery recently celebrated their grand opening on December 13th.

Arts & Entertainment / December 9, 2019 Knight Before Christmas: cheesy goodness

by Kiki Bennett--Christmas, time traveling knights, and Vanessa Hudgens- a perfect recipe for a movie. Netflix released its latest Christmas movie, The Knight Before Christmas, which has been pulling at the heart strings of many Netflix users.

Arts & Entertainment, News / December 3, 2019 Arise All Nations: A Thematic, Unique Take on Christmas

by Dylan Ferguson--The Morningside Visual and Performing Arts Department will be hosting Christmas At Morningside on Friday, December 6th beginning at 7:30pm in Eppley Auditorium. Doors open at 6:30pm, with seating filling quickly.

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Christmas at Morningside a success
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Christmas at Morningside a success

By Paige Potter–On Friday night, the 17 annual Christmas at Morningside took place in Eppley Auditorium.  With a house full, the show started at 7:30 p.m. Steve Lundberg, professor in the music department, welcomed everyone to the show and had a few reminders for the crowd. The show began with the band and choir doing a…

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Christmas at Morningside is near

by Paige Potter– The 17th annual Christmas at Morningside is this Friday, November 30, at 7:30 p.m. in Eppley Auditorium. Students involved in the performance began practicing for the concert on Sunday, November 25.  The rest of the practices for the week are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday night. Groups participating in this event are the…

Breaking Dawn 2 brings series to a satisfying end
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Breaking Dawn 2 brings series to a satisfying end

By Meghanne Adams–As the Twilight Saga comes to an end, human-gone-vampire Bella Swan seems to finally come into her own. This is a transformation that seems to be the same for actress Kristen Stewart. Often criticized for her emotionless, bland acting, Stewart seemed to thrive in her new role as vampire, wife and mother. Director…

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