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Profile: Austin Langston



The man behind the mask

While most football players are lacing up their cleats and putting on their helmets getting ready for the game there is one individual getting ready for the game as well…just in a different way.

Sophomore, Austin Langston wakes up for game day like everyone else but instead of joining the fans in the stands you can find him on the track with the cheerleaders as Monte The Mustang.

Austin has been Monte since freshman year and he just seemed like a perfect fit for the job. “I love this college and all the school spirit that we have. Being Monte just seemed like a good way to show my school spirit and also interact with the younger fans.”

If you asked anyone on campus they will agree with the statement of Austin being a perfect fit for the job. “Austin is a very outgoing person and its only right for him to be the mascot because he brings this energy to the games that keeps the fans cheering.”

 Austin has received a lot of positive and good feedback about the job as Monte the Mustang and even had an interview with The Sioux City Journal about his role as Monte1.

When Austin is not cheering on other sports and spreading school spirit you can find him competing himself as a thrower on the track team.

Austin had the opportunity to travel to Gulf Shores Alabama with some other athletes from the track team to run at the NAIA National Track & Field Championships. He qualified for nationals in discus and was the first person from our school to go to nationals in discus in over 13 years.

In the Monte costume, or in his own jersey for track Austin still manages to keep that upbeat and positive attitude.

 Guess you can say that Austin Langston is a man of many masks and will continue to be a part of Morningside College’s fan filled stands for years to come wither its in the Monte costume or in the ring throwing discus.

1 http://siouxcityjournal.com/weekender/crowd-pleaser-a-look-at-the-man-behind-the-mascot/article_51da4381-97bc-53b8-b836-0d66b2ae4c9a.html


Broadcast Sotries

Article #1: Dimmitt Renovations

Article #2: Legalization of Marijuana

Article #3: Nebraska vs. Iowa Football Game


Article #2-


For years the possession of the commonly known drug, Marijuana could lead someone to a misdemeanor or in some cases a felony.


But in recent years the drug has now been legalized in 5 states including Alaska, Colorado, Washington D.C., Oregon, and Washington.


Many believe that the legalization of this drug is a bad idea but medical research has shown and is in the works to help prove the case that this drug is more than a leisure activity for people and can help cure common disease such as cancer or Alzheimer’s.


When talking to students on campus about how they felt about the legalization the results where about 50/50 each way.


(Clip of audio)


Legalization in all 50 states is still a work in progress. Will all 50 states start saying, “yes we cannabis?”


Article #1-


Last summer Morningside College’s largest residence hall had a $14 million facelift to restore historical aspects of the building and add some new touches to the building as well.


Many feel as though there could’ve have been more done to the hall that held a higher priority over some minor details done to the hall.


When talking with Assistant Director of Resident Life, Sheri Hineman she told us (audio saying: “I wish we could have renovated the bathrooms unfortunately in any project plumbing and bathroom fixtures are some of the higher cost items. Cost was the reason that they were not renovated this year.”)


The remodeling of each bathroom in the hall is a very timely and costly matter but over the next couple of years they are said to be remodeled but for now enjoy the 80’s themed marble bathrooms.




Article #3-


The classic college football rivalry began in 1891 between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Iowa Hawkeyes, and November 27th we see these two teams head to head once again.


With the Hawkeyes going 10-0 in their regular season and the Cornhuskers going 5-6 many believe that the Hawkeyes have this game in the bag. The cornhuskers showed they are not out the game quite yet with a 39-38 win over Michigan State who was ranked 4 at the time.


The Cornhuskers go into the game with 2 wins in a row under their belts, as the Hawkeyes still remain undefeated. When asked who would win the game (name) said this (audio).


If you are rooting for the Cornhuskers or the Hawkeyes you are in for a good game. Both teams are capable of great things and we will have to wait and see who comes out victorious.

Wedding Shooting

Honeymoon in handcuffs? That might be the case for 50- year-old newlywed Richard Brunson.

Last Saturday Richard and his fiancé Laurette Brunson had a small wedding around 2pm. Neighbor Vicki Holmes said it was a cute wedding. {clip from Vicki Holmes}

The wedding was going great until it was time for the reception where the beautiful wedding took a turn for the worse. Laurette Brunson threw a plate of macaroni salad at finance Richard Brunson.

Richard shot his wife with a .22-calibre handgun in the abdomen. Neighbor Walter Corse was at the scene when it happened and told us this {clip from Walter Corse} By the time the police arrived the groom has fled the scene and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Mrs. Brunson is in satisfactory condition, but as for the marriage that’s questionable.

The couple had been living together in their house for four to five moths prior to the wedding with Laurette’s three kids.

Audacity file:

News comment #9

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/06/sports/hockey/chicago-blackhawks-patrick-kane-will-not-face-rape-charges.html?ref=sports

The Chicago Blackhawks star player Patrick Kane is not going to be charged with rape due to lack of evidence.

The Blackhawk’s player was accused to have raped a victim in her 20’s and this investigation has been going on for 3 months now but its finally over. Erie County Attorney Frank Sedita said that the evidence “contradicted” the accuser’s claim that she was raped August 2nd by Kane.

Kane went through a lot during this investigation because with him being one of the top players in the N.H.L and having allegations of his potentially raping a girl those two things really don’t go together.

“The very difficult part of this is when you are basically an international sports star, and as a result, a likely target,” Kane’s lawyer, Paul Cambria, said. “And you have to go through three months of reading things in the media that you know are not true, and they’re hurtful things and accusatory things. That’s a very difficult burden to bear.”

With further evidence and stories they believe the whole thing was a “bizarre hoax”.


News Comment #10

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/05/us/san-franciscos-first-female-sheriff-plans-to-improve-ties-in-criminal-justice-system.html?ref=us

Vicki Hennessy is San Fransisco’s first ever female sheriff. She was elected on November 3, 2015 and will start working in January. Hennessy plans on having a major impact on the criminal justice system of San Fransisco.

Hennessy is born and raised in San Fransisco ands been a part of the Sheriff’s Department nice 1975 and hr husband is a retired San Fransisco police office. In the Sheriff’s Department, she became the youngest captain in 1983, and, in 1997, was promoted to chief deputy. This was her first run for political office.

Hennessy did not plan on becoming the new sheriff but she wants to bring a sense of calm back to the Sheriff’s Department. “I’m open to ideas,” she said. “I don’t have to be the one to come up with them.”

She has a lot of ties to the San Fransisco area and sheriff department so it only seems right that she becomes the first female sheriff.


News comment #11

Source: http://www.thecannabist.co/2015/11/04/marijuana-college-scholarship-pueblo-county/43314/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

With Colorado recently being one of few states that view marijuana as legal there is news of a local scholarship fund for county high school students in Pueblo County funded solely by marijuana. Pueblo County is the leading and largest marijuana farm in Colorado.

With the Pueblo County voters approving the pot tax of 5%  they should be able to raise #3.5 million a year just from growing and selling marijuana by 2020.The scholarship amount depends on how many students apply for the scholarship. The are predicting about 400 students apply having each scholarship be worth $1000 each year.

This is the world’s first scholarship funded entirely by pot taxes. Brian Vicente is an attorney in Denver and said, “this is the first time you have marijuana tax money being used directly for scholarships, and that’s pretty remarkable.”


Science Scavenger Hunt Article

The commonly know leisure drug, marijuana might have an important role in the medical field in coming years to help treat conditions ranging from brain injuries to cancer.

Edward Maa is an epilepsy and neurologist specialist at the University of Denver Colorado and had recently noticed how most of his patients had to turn to marijuana to help treat and cure their illnesses.

According to a recent article done by David Noonan in the Scientific American, studies suggest that tetrahydrocannabinal (THC), the main chemical found in marijuana might protect neurons in the brain from trauma and slow the growth of tumors and reduce brain damage in an Alzheimer patients brain.

The study is still in the works because most of the research is done in test tubes and rarely done on humans.


Source: Scientific American volume 312 Number 2 February 2015 pg 32-34

Patrick Blaine Inteview

“I work hard and I play hard!” Patrick Blaine is arguably the most interesting professor on campus.

With Patrick being bilingual in english and Spanish he has visited multiple countries in South America ranging from Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico and Chile. The 3 year trip in Chile is one for the books however because that trip is where he met his Wife, Monica. They have been married for 13 years now with a baby on the way.

President of the K-Wit Board and Vice President of the Mary J. Traila community house as well as being on the board of Sioux-land Institute of Film Patrick still manages to spend time with his wife as well as be a professor at Morningside College for 6 years now in the  English and Modern Language combined department on campus.

Patrick Blaine really lives his life to the fullest. With his love for motorcycles and beer to being able to fluently hold a conversation in Spanish with someone I’d say he deserves the award for most interesting man of the year.


Stuart Scott Accepts Jimmy V Award (speech writing)

“our life’s journey is really about the people that touch us”

“Dont give up. Dont ever give up” To be honored with this I also have the responsibility to never give up

When you die, that doesn’t mean you lose to cancer, You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live. So live. Fight like hell, and when you get too tired to fight, lay down and rest and let someone else fight for you.”


“Our life’s journey is really about people that touch us.” Stuart Scott said that when he accepted the Jimmy V Award last year. Soon after he passed away from cancer. The award is given to an individual who showed perseverance through tough times. Stuart Scott battled with

In his acceptance speech he spoke about an important message that needs to be heard by everyone. “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” As a person battling with appendix cancer there were times when he just wanted to give in and give up. But during those times he said he always found a reason to fight; and that reason was all the people who have been there with him through it all and touched him.

One of the most prominent quotes that Scott said was, “When you die, that doesn’t mean you lose to cancer, You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live. So live. Fight like hell, and when you get too tired to fight, lay down and rest and let someone else fight for you.”

Right after he said this he asked his youngest daughter to come on stage with him because, “daddy needs a hug.”

You can be the richest person alive but when you die do you really want to be known for all the money you had? You want to be known for the impact you had on other peoples lives and how you inspired them.

Stuart Scott did just that, as a husband, father and a man battling cancer he never gave up. He always found a reason to see the light in a dark time, and that is why Stuart Scott was the 2014 recipient of the Jimmy V Award.



The plastic wrapping around the golden cake filled with nothing but sugar cant hold me back form eating this sugary goodness.

As I rip into the plastic I get a whiff of nothing but the sweet smell of the golden cake. As I slowly push the plastic down the twinkie i finally have the beauty all the way unwrapped.

The moist cake lays in my hand and and as I go in for the first bite my teeth sink into the spongey cake and touch the cream filled center. As I start to chew I slowly regret eating this because I have practice later and I don’t feel like tasting these come back up.

As I swallow I slowly become unsatisfied with the choice of loving twinkies because these things are diabetes in a plastic wrapping.

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