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Month: August 2015

News Comment #1

Article: “Is Journalism Obsolete?”

In this day and age waking up to a cup of coffee while you read the newspaper in the morning is a thing of the past. Instead you see people on their new tablets or phones surfing the web to find the latest gossip on celebrities or to find the newest information on the stocks. With technology becoming more and more advanced you are abel to do more things from your phones, tablets or laptops. Remember always asking your parents for the comic section when you were a kid? Well now you can just download an app to see funny comics or go to a website to see funny videos or pictures. Another thing you will notice is how instead of people saying, “Oh did you read that article in the newspaper about how so and so went to jail?” the more common thing you will hear nowadays is, “did you see what so and so tweeted?” or “did you her post on Instagram?”

There is nothing wrong with the fact that hardcopy newspapers are starting to become extinct. It actually gives each and everyone of us the opportunity to become journalist. We can finally share our opinion or view on a subject and have be public so people around the world can discuss it with us. For example if you tweet something about politics saying you agree or disagree with a candidate then you are starting a debate by stating your view and leaving it for other people to elaborate and sate their view.

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