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As his term is coming to an end President Obama began his public relations campaign. The main goal of this campaign is to help lower the cost of college and make it more affordable. In Detroit he announced his idea of making community college free for students across the country. To help raise awareness Mr. Obama has presented announcements featuring students, community college alumni and celebrities to help support his plan.

Many republicans are not liking Obama’s plan to spend $60 billion over the next 10 years to make community college free. Congress is unlikely to approve of this expensive plan. Another plan that he plans to unveil during this campaign is creating new federal grants intended to encourage companies to hire apprentices who can “learn while they earn” acquiring new skills on the job instead of in the classroom. The development of this apprenticeship is costly howerver, about $175 million in grants to 45 partners. Those prtners include community colleges, privite businesses and labor organizations. The article said, “Officials said the $175 million was not intended to pay the salaries of the apprentices. But, they said, they hoped that the federal seed money would help the apprentice programs become permanent, providing opportunities for years to come”


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