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Wedding Shooting

Honeymoon in handcuffs? That might be the case for 50- year-old newlywed Richard Brunson.

Last Saturday Richard and his fiancé Laurette Brunson had a small wedding around 2pm. Neighbor Vicki Holmes said it was a cute wedding. {clip from Vicki Holmes}

The wedding was going great until it was time for the reception where the beautiful wedding took a turn for the worse. Laurette Brunson threw a plate of macaroni salad at finance Richard Brunson.

Richard shot his wife with a .22-calibre handgun in the abdomen. Neighbor Walter Corse was at the scene when it happened and told us this {clip from Walter Corse} By the time the police arrived the groom has fled the scene and his whereabouts are still unknown.

Mrs. Brunson is in satisfactory condition, but as for the marriage that’s questionable.

The couple had been living together in their house for four to five moths prior to the wedding with Laurette’s three kids.

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