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Accident on highway 20 ends in a death and some injured.

On Wednesday morning a South Sioux City man, Moyer Quick was driving with his wife Dorothy Quick and Maxine Steuerwald west bound on highway 20.

Quick’s passed the truck driven by Randy Radin on the two lane highway but did not complete the pass and rear-ended Radin. The impact sent both vehicles into the ditch on the north side of the road and Quick’s vehicle rolled over once.

Moyer Quick was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife  is reported to be in good condition. The other passenger in the car, whose relationship with Quicks is unknown is in fair condition.

The driver of the truck is in critical condition with a fractured skull and internal injuries.

The accident is still under investigation. Iowa Highway patrol believe that weather was not a factor in this accident.


One man dead and 3 injured in a crash on highway 20 last Wednesday in South Sioux City. The autopsy shows Moyer Quick had a heart attack while driving which may have  caused him to hit Randy Radin’s truck with his rear end sending both cars into a ditch and Quick’s car to roll over once.

His wife, Dorothy Quick was a passenger in the car as well as Dorothy’s sister, Maxine Steuerwald. Dorothy has been released and Maxine is scheduled to be released. Randy is still in critical condition with a fractured skull and some internal injuries.


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