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Patrick Blaine Inteview

“I work hard and I play hard!” Patrick Blaine is arguably the most interesting professor on campus.

With Patrick being bilingual in english and Spanish he has visited multiple countries in South America ranging from Argentina, Peru, Puerto Rico and Chile. The 3 year trip in Chile is one for the books however because that trip is where he met his Wife, Monica. They have been married for 13 years now with a baby on the way.

President of the K-Wit Board and Vice President of the Mary J. Traila community house as well as being on the board of Sioux-land Institute of Film Patrick still manages to spend time with his wife as well as be a professor at Morningside College for 6 years now in the  English and Modern Language combined department on campus.

Patrick Blaine really lives his life to the fullest. With his love for motorcycles and beer to being able to fluently hold a conversation in Spanish with someone I’d say he deserves the award for most interesting man of the year.



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