The News About the News

Ted Talk:

Oh yay! Another Ted talk. I remember reading somewhere last year that nobody watches Ted talks. Rather, that they just play in the background while people do something else. I remembering being one of those people. I’m pretty sure I’d still be apart of that group if I had wifi at my house. Although since I am sitting at a Starbucks with nothing other to do then my homework. I’ll pay a bit more attention.

That was the fastest 4 minutes of my life.

Basically the news about the news is that people care about overseas news, but news reporters don’t report it. From the video I learned that: “News networks removed 50% of their oversea stations and that covering Brittany Spears is cheaper.” Getting news online isn’t reliable either and that a lot of it is just retold stories. Also people get alot of their news from the local news. Although it isn’t surprising that the local news only covers 12% of overseas news. People are interested, its just no one covers it. People say college grads know less about the world becuase they are not interested. Rather the percentage of college grads who are interested has grown to over 50%. The news about the news is that everything costs money.

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