Does the Media Have a “Duty of Care”?

Ted Talk:

That accent is distracting me. It reminds me from when I was in Ireland, although it isn’t an Irish accent. I could honestly just listen to it and not do anything else with my life. Anyone with a British, Irish, or Australian accent can just come up to me and rant to me about their life and I don’t think I will remember a thing they said. Just keep speaking. Please. I am a great listener, I swear.

What I learned form this Ted talk was that, yes the media has a duty of care becuase people will and can believe anything you tell them. What people read, people will take that side. If they read negative, they feel negative about the situation. Read positive, take positive. If they don’t reading or care, they are considered neutral but very uninformed. Basically no matter what you are, vlogger, reporter, etc. You are always held to a high standard and are given a rep. Once that rep is lost, you will never get it back. People remember the negative better then the positive, because its easier.  Just as it is easier to do bad, then to do good.

The news does have a duty to care and to stay that way you must be: reasonable, productive workable compromise, and honest with facts. People must also have trust and leadership, to be true to that and with who they are. People will believe whatever they read and whatever they are told if they have no information about the subject.  If you don’t want people to lie to you, why lie to the people?

Some questions about facts: What are facts? What are opinions? Could opinions become facts?

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