Obit: Facts


If we didn’t have facts to rely on, what would we believe in?

Mary says: “We’ll never agree on anything.”

I think she is right. If facts don’t exist, what kind of world would we be in? Even with existing facts, things don’t exist. Let me explain, if i said the sky was blue and another said it’s ever changing because it’s not just blue. Sometimes its gray, sometimes its blue with white spots, and other times its orange, red, and yellow. The fact is then that the sky is ever changing, but it is also blue.

Anything and everything can exist. So with that being said. Even with facts existing, some people still think their opinion is correct. If we lived in a world with no fact and fact was just opinion. Where people tell me my opinion isn’t right and I argued that there’s isn’t right either. Nothing would be right and everything would be unsolved.

Why is there an article about facts? It is what it is. I understand questioning the world. I do my fair share, but why question what we already know. Turning our thoughts into some fake fact, which is actually a lie. Although it makes sense to us, then it is truth. Facts could be taken as lies and lies could be taken as fact. Facts aren’t dead, they help keep the world somewhat together and sane. Everyone has an opinion and something to believe in. In the end though, something does exists that everyone will see as the same and that is what we can believe in.

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