Meet Rachel!

Rachel Eisenbraun is from Rapid City, South Dakota and is a Senior here at Morningside College.

She came to Morningside because she was recruited to play soccer. She decided to come to M’Side because it is not South Dakota. While all of her other class mates went to a school in South Dakota, she came to Sioux City. She is a photography and graphic design major here and is unsure with what she wants to do with it. She says that just as long as she can get a job traveling and taking pictures to advertise for a company, she’ll be more then happy.

Rachel loves to travel. She went to Italy her senior year of high school and just last year traveled once again to Europe. This time visiting: England, Ireland, and Wales. Between her classes, picture taking, soccer practices, and everything else this awesome girl does, she loves to read. Rachel likes to read a lot of different things. She is currently reading the Divergent series and is a HUGE Harry Potter nerd.


  1. One important aspect of news writing that we will touch on
    this week is getting the most important facts first, or offering
    an overall summary of what is in the story. The fact Rachel is
    from Rapid City may not be the most important thing about
    her. Is there one important detail to lead with? Or, is there
    a way to quickly summarize (tell) Rachel, then fill in details
    (show) in the body?

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