So I know that most people go to carnivals for the rides and games but I go for the food! And sometimes to waste money trying to get a prize. So for rides I did not ride any but I played he basketball game and lost, so sad!

But I was so excited to get my funnel cake and homemade lemonade so that made up for it! Below are pictures of the funnel cake and lemonade.

The funnel cake was amazing! I watched them but the batter in the frier and it came out nice and warm. Of course it was on a paper plate and covered in powdered sugar. From what I saw all of the funnel cakes looked very similar.

Funnel Cake

As for the lemonade it was to die for! That holy cow amazing! Now I’m not 100% sold on the idea that it was home made but whatever there was half a lemon inside. It came in a cute plastic cup with a lid and straw that were cute as well.

Small Lemonade

As most fair food it was over priced. But seeing as the fair travels around and there are a million lights and sounds the price is probably reasonable.

So if you made it down to the carnival I hope your food was as delicious as mine! 🙂

Oh and it’s always fun watching other people’s children get hopped up on sugar!!!