Milwaukee Wiener House and Coney Island

Our Thursday meal was a bit different than the previous meals.  Instead of just eating at one place, we tried two! These blogs focus on comparison and contrast between two Sioux City mainstays.

Coney Island has been in Sioux City since 1921, and its owners claim it to be the oldest restaurant in town–and we saw no reason to doubt them. The owner’s father opened the eatery, and the current owner have been running the place for quite a few years.

Milwaukee Wiener House is another family owned business in Sioux City, owned and operated by a pair of brothers. Even though the Wiener House is technically older (founded in 1918) than Coney Island, it’s been in the family since 1960.

Both eateries were enjoyable, but you’ll have to read on to see which one the students preferred: