Bev’s on the River

To end the course, we decided to eat at some restaurants that were local and classy. These restaurants oozed ambiance and serve as wonderful weekend date locations. The prices are a bit higher than we’d experienced, but we hoped to experience the upper echelon of what Sioux City has to offer. The first such restaurant was Bev’s on the River, the restaurant connected to the local Hilton Garden Inn. Bev’s has a long history in Sioux City and was temporarily shut down due to the flooding of the Missouri River in 2011. Up and running again, Bev’s served up a first-class lunch.

El Tapatio

We only went to one Mexican restaurant during our course (Rebo’s had some good Mexican food, but it wasn’t a fully Mexican restaurant). El Tapatio purportedly serves food reminiscent of the Jalisco state of Mexico, with specials that focus on food from seafood. It’s an inconspicuous restaurant on Gordon drive, but the outside of the restaurant doesn’t reflect the interior or the menu. The students enjoyed the food, especially the parrilla(nicknamed “the meat tower” by the students), which included shrimp, pork chops, chicken, chorizo, and many other tasty edibles.

Indigo Palette

Our final week of the course began, after an extra day off for Memorial Day, at Indigo Palette. ¬†One of the newest restaurants in town and on 4th Street, Indigo Palette is the only coffee shop, restaurant, bar, art gallery in town (that your humble writers knows of). The ambiance is unique, and the owners pride themselves on using local, fresh ingredients for the food. The menu (both for food and wine) boast an incredible variety. In addition to the tasty food and drinks, Indigo palette hosts local musicians and artists during the weekend–and on Sundays they host Wine and Brushes on Sundays where wine is offered alongside painting lessons.