Eating Siouxland!

Welcome to Eating Siouxland! This is a May term course at Morningside College where students and I will explore the food of Sioux City in an attempt to learn how to blog about food.  Morningside’s May term is a unique opportunity for students to learn about something completely new. None of us have written food blogs before, but we are looking forward to the opportunity to learn by doing.

This is the Master Blog for the course. I will be posting links to some of the strongest blogs written by students about each restaurant. This site will be a compilation of the “Best Of” writing for the course, and by the end of the term we hope it will serve as an interesting, well-written guide to the culinary delights of Siouxland. A list of restaurants can be found in the menu on the right.

I encouraged students to take a particular slant on their blog, an overall theme.  Thus, as you read the blog posts, don’t be confused! If you read a post on A Traveling Musician’s Guide, there’s a reason he will be writing from the perspective of a band pulling of the road and eating.  If you’re reading Eating Out with a Designer, you’ll be joining a graphic design major as he walks through the aesthetics of the restaurant. If you’re reading Plate Presentation, you’ll see the perspective of someone who works in catering and cares about the plating of the food. Try reading Wrestling with Food if you want to see how an off-season wrestler attacks a meal. And if you want something particularly unique and possibly disturbing, join our resident creative writer on Last Meal as he approaches each meal from the perspective of a death row inmate.