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I love Italian food! So when we came to Trattoria Fresco today I was very excited. This was my first time down here and I have been on Jackson St hundreds of times and had never seen Trattoria Fresco before, so if you are looking for it it is easier to find. For parking if you do not want to pay, I would suggest parking down by the Promenade Movie Theater.

Upon arriving the waiter pointed me in the direction of where the group was sitting. When I got to the table I noticed that the places were already set with a water glass, two forks and a knife, and a linen napkin.

The waiter came and asked for drink orders, to which I said that water would be just fine. Bread and butter was brought to the table for us to eat as we looked over the menus and also while we waited for our food.

For lunch I decided to go with the Fettuccine Alfredo, which if you want meat to go with it you have to tell the waiter, with chicken. When it came out it looked like any other fettuccine alfredo with chicken that I have ever seen. The alfredo sauce tasted really good but there was nothing special about it. The chicken was really, really good. It was seasoned awesomely and was grilled just the right amount and it was moist.

The presentation was nothing special either. It was a sliced chicken breast on top of noodles. A plus was that the sides of the plate were nicely wiped off and clean.

Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken

Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken.

I have to say that the deserts were much more impressive! Most of us were pretty full after our main courses so we decided to order three and everyone just spilt them. And holy crap they were all so good. Like words cannot describe, sorry. Just look at the pictures and try to imagine.



Handmade Cannoli

Handmade Cannoli

Chocolate Genoise

Chocolate Genoise

All three had incredible plate presentations. The syrups on the sided where so cute that I did not want to ruin them by eating it, but we did and it tasted as good as it looks. All were also powered with powered sugar and a chocolate powder. They were all beautiful and I wish I had more pictures to show everyone.

So on to taste of the deserts, if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Tiramisu it tasted so good, before when I have had Tiramisu the Kahlua was much to empowering and with this one it was not. Do not get me wrong you could taste it but it was just the right amount.The Chocolate Genoise would come in at number two. I love chocolate and after two bites of this I reached my fix for the day. This one paired the best with the sauce on the side I would say. Lastly, the Handmade Cannoli was just a little too sweet for me and my tastes.

Trattoria Fresco is a place that I would go back to. It seems like the perfect place to have a nice date before or after a movie. I think that if you do head down there to save room for desert, no matter the costs. The owner says that Friday and Saturday nights are their busiest times so to avoid a rush maybe an early dinner those nights would be better.

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