Welcome to Plate Presentations!

Welcome to my blog Plate Presentation. I am writing this blog for my May Term class at Morningside College called Eating Siouxland. During this we will be going to local restaurants and learning how to write a food blog.

I chose to discuss plate presentation because I work as a student worker at Sodexo Catering at Morningside College. Through working for a catering company that does all types of events I have learned the importance of why a plate looks the way it does. Surprisingly, not always, is food just thrown on a plate and served to you, usually there is some form or way of putting food onto a plate to make it look pleasing, but it could also be presented in the way that the chef would like you to eat the meal: pairing of foods or flavors, eating in a certain order so that the flavors are experienced to their full potential.

In this blog I will also spend some time discussing the other aspects of the restaurant, such as: taste, atmosphere, service, price, etc.

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave any comments that you have!