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The football field at midnight

The football field on Monringside’s campus is a place I’m very familiar with as I play there every Saturday afternoon. One thing I’m not familiar with is being there late at night. I got the chance to do that yesterday. 

It was very quiet as if you were in a classroom during an exam. You could hear everything around you from the tree’s whistling to the cars speeding by. Normally on gameday all you can hear is fans, but at night no one is there. It was only me and the darkness. When it’s dark, being on that field was a little bit weird. You couldn’ see the field as a whole like you usually can. I saw a lot of dark shades of color. The scoreboard even looked like just a normal black figure. Despite it being dark, it was peaceful. There was no crowd noise, just nature and yourself. The bugs were buzzing around and like I said earlier the trees were still whistling. I honestly liked being there alone at midnight.

Gusher’s description

They were the colors of red, orange, blue and green. They were pretty slimy however sticky as well. They all were stuck together when I took them out of the bag. I think from the goo on the inside. They taste like candy, sweet like fruit, wet like water, and were juicy. The goo on the inside of the gusher was in purple color. It smelled almost like a gummy bear.

My last conversation

This morning before I left the training room I was talking with Miss Katy the trainer. We were talking about how I had to make another appointment since I had class coming up. I didn’t really want to do this as she had said the word “scrape”. This word is the word I try to avoid when in the training room, so we argued for a little bit.

Miss Katy said “you need to come in or I’ll tell coach”. I now have any appointment at 11:40.

Dimmit Pressing Charges?

As of Friday October 8th, Dimmitt residents were informed about damages done to the building, except this time they all might pay for it. 

In the latest email sent out, residents of Dimmitt Hall were let known about someone getting on the roof and taking some of the letters off the building. This is only one of numerous “devious licks”, Micheal Payne would explain, that has happened within the past few years. 

Michael is a sophomore resident’s advisor(RA) at Dimmitt Hall who’s trying to figure out who’s responsible for these damages. Some of these damages include exit signs being broken, letters taken off the Dimmitt building sign, janitor carts being tipped over, furniture going missing, and many other issues. Michael annoyingly stated, “ Who comes up with the idea to go on the roof and steal letters off the building. Congrats, but where’s the letter now. It’s funny sure, yet now it’s a lot of work for us and we don’t have a clue who’s responsible.”

Of course if the person responsible for the damages is found they’ll end up paying for it. Yet, that hasn’t been the case lately at Dimmitt. “We haven’t found anyone responsible for any damages other than maybe one. I mean it’s hard with not a lot of cameras.”

Morningside’s campus as a whole doesn’t have many cameras outside of buildings. There are a few inside Dimmit’s lounge area and kitchen, but other than that there aren’t any. This results in no one getting caught for damages if no one is around to see the so called “devious licks”. 

Another issue discovered in a hall meeting is that the RA’s get fined as well. Caroline Black, the area coordinator for Dimmit RA’s explained to the students, “The RA’s get fined as well for the damages. We just want to know who’s responsible so anyone not involved doesn’t get fined. No one wants this.” 

Further into explanation, Caroline tried showing a new perspective to students to stop further issues. She explained how it looked to people on tours and anyone driving by. “Imagine how it looks when people look up and see letters missing off the Dimmitt sign or to people on tours. It’s not a good look. Imagine this place is your home, it is your home.” 

Bringing up the point, I wondered if students thought of Dimmitt Hall as their home away from home. Jackson Perrien, a student living in Dimmitt, showed some sarcasm in his answer with a long “no”, following with, “of course it’s my home. I sleep, shower, do homework, I do everything here really.” 

Jackson felt as if a lot of people felt the same way. As to the person doing damages, he would like them caught as well. “No one wants to be held responsible for something they didn’t do. We’re old enough now to own up to our mistakes and take care of ourselves. No one wants to pay for something they aren’t responsible for.” These charges might be a little spendy as well. 

According to Jackson an exit sign that was broken cost $2,000 in damages total. With the amount of exit signs broken and summit signs being stolen that number only raises. With college expenses already being expensive some students might not take this charge too lightly. 

“I understand it’s not their fault they can’t find the person or people responsible for these instances. I’m more putting blame on the people that aren’t coming forward. I have enough to pay for already” Jackson stated when asked about paying fines.

Dimmit RA’s and residents continue to look for the people responsible for all the damages. They ask that anyone with information regarding these issues come forward and let them know so no one else has to pay for anything. As of now most of the people are still unknown. 

Former correctional officer talked about his upbringing to being a college professor

John Gonsler had a chance to speak to a class this past week about his journey to Morningside University. He was a correctional officer for 6 months before becoming a professor. He explained further his time working there with numerous stories. 

On the first week of the job, an inmate would approach John with weird questions. Following he expressed a little chuckle saying, “I look and find drugs in his suitcase. A leader of a gang then came up to me and says, that guy won’t be bothering you anymore”. According to John the inmates face was messed up. 

He continued with his humour describing an inmate with pet birds. He explained how the inmates were complaining about the water being gross. When he checked it out, “ Im looking at the hot pot and sure enough there are three dead birds boiling in the hot pot. It was fucking funny”. He soon found out that job wasn’t for him. 

“I didn’t even start thinking about being a professor until 2011” he stated numerous times. After many jobs leading him to the professor occupation, he wounded up teaching at Flint CC and in Indiana before coming to Morningside University. 

Morningside was just starting a criminal justice program which is only one of the things that interested him. ““You get the summer off.I really like teaching the intro class. Having that tangible experience of a student saying “i enjoyed this” interests me.” 

Now with Professor Gonsler at Morningside University, he was asked what he hopes students get out of his class, “Expose them to the good and bad of all these positions, so they know what path to take”. 

He now is in his 3rd semester at Morningside University building a hopefully successful criminal justice program. 

College Football Playoffs Expansion

In this article, Alan Blinder talks about the thought of college football expanding their playoffs to more teams. This comes from previously only having 4 teams in the playoffs to possibly 12 teams. They say there’s no guarantee but the thought of it is ultimately going to change. 

This not only would allow their to be more football to watch, but college football would make a tin of money from this. The article explains how almost every team is in favor for the expansion so it’s possible for it to happen. 

I think the audience the author is trying to talk to here are any college football fans. He’s trying to get out to them the talk about the college football playoffs. Honestly I think the author did a good job explaining what the situation was and some interesting facts during it as well. He explained the money that would be gained and the teams perspectives as well. This was a good article for college football fans.

How Covid Affected Alexis Spier Freshman Year

After the following covid year I got the chance to talk about how it went for Alexis Spier.

 She explained how it affected her learning as she was doing fine with in person classes before. “I went from having all A’s for the most part in school to almost failing some classes online. It was harder when I would be at home or in my room because then I didn’t want to do my homework.” 

Along with this, the social aspect of college was a little different. Alexis explained how on the weekend, there didn’t seem to be too many people out. “People on teams didn’t want to go out and get the chance to be quarantined or get covid. No one wanted to miss games so not a lot of people went out all the time.” 

For the basketball team, Alexis didn’t think much was different once covid got around. That is other than getting tested. Alexis was tested around 11 times for the basketball season, mainly around the playoffs. She explained how the threat of getting sent home wzs frustrating. 

With Morningside being a relatively small school already, covid took a hit on the social aspect for sure.  Alexis however, shared how the basketball team and herself wasn’t affected much throughout the covid season. Maybe this year she’ll get tested a few less times.

Scavenger Hunt experience

Today in class we were given a task to go out and find 2 things in class. My 2 things were a piece of gum and good advice.

I went to the Hyper as I knew there would be people there somewhere. I found a girl named Linda who had the gum and it was a normal interaction. “Yes I do”, she said, “my names Linda.” She then walked away.

The next thing was a piece of advice. I went up to a man I didn’t know whose name was Darius. He told me, “never eat yellow snow.” He was proud of his comment and walked away.

neither one really wanted a conversation, but I got the job done.

Steelers Promising Victory Despite Offense’s Performance – Final

Steelers Promising Future Despite Ugly Win 

The Steelers went into Buffalo week 1 of the 2021 NFL season and upset the Bills 23-16. 

Despite a slow start from the Steelers offense, the Steelers defense came ready to play. 

Linebacker T.J Watt, signed a $112 million deal with the Steelers just 2 days before the game. Espn explained this would make him the highest paid defensive player in the league. People worried about a slow start from him as talks of Watt’s contract loomed all week. However, Watt finished the game with 2 sacks,5 QB hits,and 1 forced fumble, leaving off where he started from last year. 

He’s had a heck of a week,” says Defensive Captain Cameron Hayward, “For him to go out there and handle it the way he handled it and capitalize on it, with a win like this, pretty proud of him. I know it wasn’t always pretty for him.” 

Along with Watts’ good game, New York Times says the rest of the Steelers defense looks promising again. 

With Bud Dupree gone this year at defensive end, the Steelers picked up Melvin Ingram for the pass rush. This leaves the Steelers with a 3 man rotation on the Defensive line. “Those three edge guys that you guys have been asking a lot about — Watt, Highsmith, and Ingram — they delivered today,” coach Mike Tomlin said.

The Steelers had MVP candidate Josh Allen looking frustrated and not himself all game. 

New York Times says the biggest play from the Steelers defense came from a blocked punt returned for a touchdown. The Steelers were up 10-6 when they blocked a punt and returned it in to go up 17-6. This was a turning point in momentum for the Steelers as they cruised to a victory from there. 

The offense took a little while to get going. According to Steelerswire.usatoday, Coach Tomlin uses the word, “unacceptable”. 

In the first half the Steelers looked a little slow on offense. Miscommunications between Ben Roethlisberger and his receivers looked to be an issue. As a result the Steelers had 65 total yards and 0 points at half time. 

“We didn’t do what we wanted to do, but we didn’t turn the ball over,” Ben Roethlisberger told the media after the game.

Along with these New York times states, Najee Harris, the Steelers new rookie running back, struggled to get anything going early. He came out with 8 rushing yards on 7 seven attempts in the first half. However Steeler fans shouldn’t worry about his production in week 1. 

Along with the addition of Harris the Steelers bring in 4 new offensive lineman. With that and a rookie running back, they’re going to need some time to gel together according to New York times. The bright side to this, the Steelers used Harris on every snap they could. New York times says that Harris is not to be worried about for Steeler fans. 

In the second half the Steelers offense looked brand new. 

Espn stated Roethlisberger threw a touchdown pass to Dionte Johnson, who showed incredible concentration, patting the ball and bringing it in. 

Johnson led the league in dropped passes a season ago and looks to improve in that region this year. This year he invested in a tennis ball machine to help his hand eye coordination. No drops in week one for Johnson. 

Only 262 total yards from the Steelers, yet it’s enough for week one. The Steelers will look to improve on this as week 2 they face the Raiders coming off a good win versus the Ravens.

Protest at Backwater University

A group of citizens are angry with Laura Cliff’s biology class for teaching evolution at Backwater University.

The group is led by pastor of Ever-Faithful Church of Living Water, Wilbur Straking. He plans to lead a group of 25 dedicated Christians to the state capitol next Monday to speak with legislators about this problem. Straking states, “we believe the teaching of evolution is against the principles of this Christian country. We want to put a stop to it.” 

Neither Laura or the university president would comment on the group’s charges.