Getting to Know Alexis Spier

On the first day of class I got the wonderful opportunity to meet Alexis Spier. Alexis is a 19 year old Sophomore that plays basketball here at Morningside. She came from Gretna, Nebraska where she was born and raised. She only has one older brother, Max. She came here to play basketball as she had said a friend of hers was coming as well. The campus was not too far from where she grew up so that was a bright side right away. 

Alexis in her free time loves to draw and paint abstract pieces. This means somewhat not realistic drawings. They are pretty cool! She also enjoys to shop with her mom, Kim, whenever she gets the chance to. She was a multi-sport athlete while in high school playing soccer, volleyball, and softball. Guess that comes with having an older brother and hearing how competitive she is. 

Alexis is majoring in Mass Communications and plans to look to use that in the future through sports. When asking her what her interests were for the future she said, “I would love to be an announcer for the NBA one day, as I love the sport of basketball. I could talk about sports until I die so I think being an announcer or on a show like SportsCenter would be amazing.” She explained that she likes to listen to others opinions as well, which is a strength she can use in the future for those jobs. It was great getting to know Alexis and hopefully everyone gets the chance!

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