About me

Hello everyone, my name is Zachary J. Norton. I was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and ended up living there until college. My one sibling that I have is my brother chase. He’s a 22 year old senior who attends the University of Mankato and studies Sports Management. Growing up I loved playing sports which is what ultimately brought me to Morningside University. 

  I am currently in my second year here at Morningside playing wide receiver on the football team. I wasn’t sure right away coming here, being from a smaller school in my hometown already. However, after a long first year and season, I’m enjoying being here more. I’m a 19 year old that studies Business Marketing, but will most likely change my major to Business Management. 

My plans for the future are unknown as of right now. I hope to play football past college in some way, but if not I look forward to looking for a career within sports someway. My hobbies as you can probably tell at this point are sports. I enjoy playing basketball, golf, baseball, as well as watching them professionally. This year I will be working at Bucks below the cafeteria so feel free to swing by for some food! I look forward to meeting everyone in this class and am hoping for another successful year at Morningside!