News Comment #1

In the article that I read, The New Orleans Saints, an NFL organization, had to move their season opening game from New Orleans to Jacksonville. This comes due to hurricane Ida that just swept through New Orleans. Although not much damage came to the Saints stadium or facilities, much of New Orleans remains without electricity and there’s still flooding nearby. The Saints have moved their practices to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, as their fanbase seems to be pretty good around that region. The Saints will host the Green Bay Packers week 1 in Jacksonville.

It’s clear to me that in this article the audience the author is trying to get to is the NFL fans, specifically the New Orlean Saint’s fans. Knowing this I thought the author does. great job explaining what all happened to the Saints as a team so far and what’s to come. They explain how they moved to North Texas for practice and why they couldn’t be in New Orleans. As a reader I like how they explained the power could be out in New Orleans for at least a few more days. This allows me to know why they had to relocate for a little bit due to the hurricane.

Along with this I was interested to know that where the Saints moved to was an area where Saints fans were. Saints head coach Sean Payton said this about the region their practicing in, “the region made sense because it had many Saints fans nearby, stadiums capable of hosting N.F.L. games and a major airport.” This is great information to put as otherwise I would not find this news.

The thing that makes this article news to me is the author explains why everything was put into the article. He explains reasons for why the Saints are moving practice, what their new region means for the Saints, why the Saints moved practice to where they did, and so on. I wanted to know what the Saints have been doing due to the hurricane and I believe this article does it specifically and correct.

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