Young girl was terrified of staying in the desert over night

A 13 year old, Alexis Spier, was hiking at Arches National Park in Utah with her brother, mom, and dad. They had hiked nearly all day, until it started to rain slightly and darken up. Alexis and her family decided it was time to head back to their car. 

As they started walking a little further, they noticed they couldn’t see the pebbled trail due to the rain. They began to walk over these slick rocks trying to find where to go. Her dad went higher than the rest of the family to get a better look. Alexis heard her dad from above scream “there’s fucling nothing here!”. It was here that Alexis became terrified. 

When her dad got down from the rocks he mentioned that they might have to spend the night out in National Park. Alexis began to think about all the dangerous creatures that could be around if that was the case, a bear, mountain lions, snakes, and even scorpions. Her brother started giving her a hard time saying the circumstance isn’t all so bad. It began to get even darker and the family was about to set up camp; Alexis was terrified. 

Moments later these 2 guys came out of nowhere and shouted to Alexis and her family if they needed help. The 2 guys help them back to the entrance and they didn’t have to spend the night in the desert. 

Alexis told me this story shows how she feeds off her dads emotions a lot. If he gets scared and a little angry, it only makes her more scared and worried about the situation. Even with this she said she feels safe around her family so that is another point around the story.