Jeff Bezos wants to expand his accomplishments by helping fund a new Space station called Orbital Reef.  

According to  Joey Roulette of New York Times, Blue Origin, Jeff bazos’  space company, wants to team up with other companies to replace the international space station. this comes as NASA is currently seeking replacements for the 20 year old International Space Station. They want to put in 400 million dollars to help get construction underway. 

Key contributors to this project are Sierra Space and Boeing. According to Brent Sherwood, Blue Origin’s vice president, “With their help Orbital Reef plans to generate new discoveries, new products, new forms of entertainment and global awareness of Earth’s fragility and interconnectedness”. Bezos’ goal for this new space station to hopefully bring people amd jobs to space in the future. 

Blue Origin looks to get help gaining revenue from wealthy tourists and other companies. Jeff Bezos has insisted on spending 1 billion dollars per year through Blue Origin on this project, but that won’t be enough to cover the cost. 

Orbital Reef is only seen through drawings right now, but Bezos wants to start construction as soon as he can. Not a lot of companies are able to pull of the funding and construction for Space Stations, but Bezos looks to be one of the few to succeed.