In-N-Out Burger briefly shuts down over vaccine mandate in San Francisco (News Comment)

In this article, Eduardo Medina explained how In-N-Out burger in the San Francisco outlet failed to comply with city requirements that all restaurants check the vaccine cards of indoor diners. This caused them to shut down on October 14th, yet has reopened their outside diners and takeout. In-N-Out has stated since the incident, “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government.” The property owner since then was issued with a violation according to the city. 

The audience eduardo Medina is trying to speak to here in my opinion is anyone following the covid mandates happening in California or people running business. I think he does a good job explaining the situation that happened at In-N-Out, but he could’ve explained more how this would affect more chains. He states in the article that they were the only restaurant having issues being reminded on the mandate rules, but more than that. 

I think this is news not only to those in San Francisco, but to everyone. This might be the normal thing happening around the country sooner or later and seeing what happened to In-N-Out could be helpful to others. I think he does a good job explaining what happened, but again could’ve explained the covid situation a little better.