Dimmitt Pressing Charges? FInal

Dimmitt residents were informed about damages done to the building, except this time they all might pay for it. 

In the latest email sent out, residents of Dimmitt Hall were let known about someone getting on the roof and taking some of the letters off the building. This is only one of numerous “devious licks”, Micheal Payne would explain, that  happened within the past few years. 

Michael is a sophomore resident’s advisor(RA) at Dimmitt Hall who’s trying to figure out who’s responsible for these damages. Some of these damages include exit signs being broken, letters taken off the Dimmitt building sign, janitor carts being tipped over, furniture going missing, and many other issues. 

Michael annoyingly stated, “ Who comes up with the idea to go on the roof and steal letters off the building. Congrats, but where’s the letter now. It’s funny sure, yet now it’s a lot of work for us and we don’t have a clue who’s responsible.”

Of course if the person responsible for the damages is found they’ll end up paying for it. Yet, that hasn’t been the case lately at Dimmitt. “We haven’t found anyone responsible for any damages other than maybe one.”

Morningside’s campus as a whole doesn’t have many cameras outside of buildings. There are a few inside Dimmit’s lounge area and kitchen, but other than that there aren’t any. This results in no one getting caught for damages if no one is around to see the so called “devious licks”. 

Another issue discovered in a hall meeting is that the RA’s get fined as well. This is something a lot of people didn’t know and surprised a lot of students. Caroline Black, the area coordinator for Dimmit RA’s explained to the students, “The RA’s get fined as well for the damages. We just want to know who’s responsible so anyone not involved doesn’t get fined. No one wants this.” 

Caroline tried showing a new perspective to students to stop further issues. She explained how it looked to people on tours and anyone driving by. “Imagine how it looks when people look up and see letters missing off the Dimmitt sign or to people on tours. It’s not a good look. Imagine this place is your home, it is your home.” 

Bringing up the point, I wondered if students thought of Dimmitt Hall as their home away from home. Jackson Perrien, a student living in Dimmitt, showed some sarcasm in his answer with a long “no”, following with, “of course it’s my home. I sleep, shower, do homework, I do everything here really.” 

Jackson felt as if a lot of people felt the same way. As to the person doing damages, he would like them caught as well. “No one wants to be held responsible for something they didn’t do. We’re old enough now to own up to our mistakes and take care of ourselves. No one wants to pay for something they aren’t responsible for.” These charges might be a little spendy as well. 

According to Jackson an exit sign that was broken cost $2,000 in damages total. With the amount of exit signs broken and summit signs being stolen that number only raises. With college expenses already being expensive some students might not take this charge too lightly. 

“I understand it’s not their fault they can’t find the person or people responsible for these instances. I’m more putting blame on the people that aren’t coming forward. I have enough to pay for already” Jackson stated when asked about paying fines.

Dimmit RA’s and residents continue to look for the people responsible for all the damages. They ask that anyone with information regarding these issues come forward and let them know so no one else has to pay for anything. As of now most of the people are still unknown.