The football field at midnight

The football field on Monringside’s campus is a place I’m very familiar with as I play there every Saturday afternoon. One thing I’m not familiar with is being there late at night. I got the chance to do that yesterday. 

It was very quiet as if you were in a classroom during an exam. You could hear everything around you from the tree’s whistling to the cars speeding by. Normally on gameday all you can hear is fans, but at night no one is there. It was only me and the darkness. When it’s dark, being on that field was a little bit weird. You couldn’ see the field as a whole like you usually can. I saw a lot of dark shades of color. The scoreboard even looked like just a normal black figure. Despite it being dark, it was peaceful. There was no crowd noise, just nature and yourself. The bugs were buzzing around and like I said earlier the trees were still whistling. I honestly liked being there alone at midnight.