Letter to the Editor: New Student Government President

by Caleb Lubbers–I have been incredibly blessed and honored to be elected the next student body President of Morningside University.  

Over the past few years, a level of divisiveness similar to that seen in our national government has been infecting our student government. It’s time for this to change. 

Previous student government administrations have held the misguided view that our institution has to be an extension of the Morningside University administration. I completely and wholeheartedly reject this philosophy. 

The Morningside Student Government should elevate student voices and give those who need to be heard a platform to do so. 

My peers elected me, and therefore, I am obligated to serve the interest of my peers. I will not serve the Housing Department or the University Administration; I will represent the student body that elected me.

Fortunately, I do not have to approach this daunting task alone.

Throughout my time at Morningside, I have built a close network of friends that I will rely on for advice and guidance. These friends will be instrumental in the success of my administration.

Additionally, the other members of the Executive Council that I was elected alongside will be instrumental in bringing this necessary change. I have the utmost confidence we will be able to work together to create reforms in a productive and positive manner.

While no one knows what the future has in store for my administration, you can be certain I will be giving it the old college try.

March 2, 2022

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  1. This level of decisiveness in Caleb Lubbers’ rhetoric before his term has even begun leaves me without faith for how much “change” he will be able to accomplish. No one can govern alone and it’s hard to enact long lasting change when you can’t be civil enough to sit down for a meeting. If this article and his time on the Senate have told us anything, he is more interested in winning a debate than actually helping the people. Additionally, the so called transparency committee which Lubbers hand crafted has done nothing to better the student body. When was the last time they brought something concrete to the floor of the Senate? You have to be present to do that, something with which Lubbers struggles. Keep your government accountable mustangs!

  2. Congratulations Caleb! Very proud of you and all your accomplishments! You will be an awesome leader at Morningside! Best wishes for this upcoming year.

  3. Hey “Student that you yelled at on the senate floor”!

    I’m so sorry that happened to you! If you need to talk about it, Bobbi Meister is a wonderful resource to utilize.

    Another thing, if you would like to look at the vote totals, please see President Arbuckle or Vice President Hernandez. They would be more than happy to tell you exact vote totals and you could see he won by MORE than 50 votes. Thanks!

  4. It’s extremely telling to see all of these petty posts attacking Caleb. Do people have nothing better to do than leave anonymous comments on the college newspaper’s WordPress site? All of this pettiness makes me really happy to see that Caleb won.

  5. Finally he can carry out what all the other administrations and people tried to stop him from saying. A common sense leader!

  6. Proud to have Caleb as our next Student Body President! He’s going to do an awesome job!

  7. Almost 50 write-ins in an uncontested election truly shows the will of the students. He has the mandate of the students, can’t wait to see what he accomplishes.

  8. Didn’t know you could be president with less than 50 votes.

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