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Student’s art brightens up campus library

by Tracie Tuttle – It’s no secret that senior Wanying (Angela) Chen likes creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

She is best known for her unique watercolor and acrylic paintings and distinctive photographs, which are currently brightening up the hallways outside of the Spoonholder Café and the Safety and Security Office in the HJF Learning Center.

Chen in front of her photographs

Chen, who is originally from Ningbo, China, said creating art is a great stress reliever, especially when coding for her animation and video game development classes gets tough.

Chen also uses art as a way to express her emotions. The subject and color story of the painting depends on how she is feeling at that moment in time.

While being an artist isn’t her full-time gig, Chen has been able to put more time into practicing her art since coming to Morningside. “I was able to put more focus on my interests [art] and still focus on studying for my classes. Before college, I had to only focus on studying,” Chen said.

The artist went on to say this is the first time her art has been on display and is “so glad that Morningside College can give [her] a good opportunity and place to have a show.”

Chen encouraged others to create art by saying, “Art isn’t specific. It isn’t like math where 1 plus 1 must equal 2. It all depends on the person. Just do your thing.”

Chen’s show will be up until February 21, with the reception being held at 3pm Sunday, February 16 in the HJF Learning Center. Most pieces currently hanging in the show are for sale (if they haven’t sold already) and more will be available to purchase at the reception.

February 7, 2020