Krista Waite Finds Future Not So Far Away
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Krista Waite Finds Future Not So Far Away

By Iandra Estupinian–The 2018-2019 school year has come to an end. Now Morningside seniors are preparing to walk the graduation stage and collecting their degree.

With everything that ends, there must be new beginnings. For these seniors, that means taking that next big step and entering the real world to find a job or new home.

Luckily for Krista Waite, her future job is right here on Morningside’s campus in Sioux City.

After double majoring in non-profit management with an emphasis in human services and religious studies, Waite has accepted a position as the new Director of Christian Education at Grace United Methodist Church.

She received the news at the beginning of May and has been working closely with the church and Campus Ministry to prepare for the next school year.

“I have been involved with the church and have taught youth group since Fall of 2017,” says Waite. “When I officially begin as director in June, I will work with the youth group, Sunday school. Confirmation, and different activities with both young and college students,” she said.

Grace United Methodist Church offers many resources, such as weekend services, work-study, Campus Ministry, Sunday school, Midnight Breakfast, and Bible Study for young adults, college students, and adults.

With Grace United offering these services, Waite will have a lot of responsibilities, but is confident that her majors have prepared her for this position.

“The classes that I have taken were more about different religions and had a few lessons in Christianity. I’m not too prepared with Christianity but I think that the Non-Profit Management will help me with the ‘many hats’ portion of the jobs and activities I have to do,” said Waite.

Waite wants to improve the involvement of the younger generation and Morningside students with the church when school starts again. She believes both students and adults can learn a lot from religion and what it has to offer.

Waite is happy to meet with students or adults to answer questions about her position or just to have a conversation. She can be found in the youth department of Grace United or you can email her at to schedule an appointment.

May 7, 2019