You Know The Scary Part…

This week and last week has been crazy for the residence life pro staff. Going through several different interviews, paperwork, and everything else they do on a daily basis…It’s been a rough time for them. This isn’t what this post is about though. This post is about me and how I think I’m guaranteed an RA position and the scary part is everyone knows that too.

I feel like people look at me differently knowing that group process day, the day where all interviewees come together for testing, is coming up. I’m nervous about it because i know i’m not guarenteed a spot, but everyone questions that. I mean…why wouldn’t i get a spot? I’m a campus leader, MAC exec, commuter assistant and past commuter rep, people know me on campus. I also work closely with Pro Staff…So, i feel people will only think i’m getting this job because i’m friends with them. I just hope that if they hire me for the job that i’ll be qualified enough for it.

I know i probably sound a little conceited, but this is honestly how i feel. Everyone knows i’m guaranteed a spot, but there’s the possibility i won’t get it, and that’s okay.

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