Profile Final: Jo “The Little Things” Becker.

This interview is of a family friend Josephine Becker. She was 17 when I was 10 and I only met her three times growing up. She’s been like an older sister to me even though we were never together 24/7.

News Comment #15: “Why the Great Auk Is Gone for Good.”

Not so long ago, the northern seas were full of great auks--the only modern species in the genus Pinguinus. Every summer, millions of the goose-sized birds would gather at different breeding grounds across the North Atlantic. The flightless birds … [Continue reading]

Mega City Mall Experiences Mega Explosion.

A Thursday at Mega City Mall went on with its normal work day just like any other day. Various people come to get shopping lists done, enjoy the food court or make a paycheck. That suddenly was disrupted by an explosion in the food court not long … [Continue reading]

Profile Rough Draft

She was just a simple girl from Little Rock, Josephine Becker was as average they came... according to her. Yet she was anything but average. Jo took time on perfecting the little things, that's what made the 5'4 blonde bombshell stand out. A … [Continue reading]

News Release: Cause of Death to Beloved Polar Bear is a Mystery.

Homer, a 16 year old polar bear at the Midland Zoo was found dead in the polar bear exhibit just an hour after his 7 a.m. feeding. Zookeeper Sarah Getty, found Homer floating in the pool. The other two polar bears were removed from the exhibit … [Continue reading]


It's the little things when it comes to Josephine Becker. A native of Little Rock, Arkansas had her life switched up at age 17 when her parents decided to move to Santa Barbara, California. "It was one of the worst experiences of my life at the … [Continue reading]

News Comment #14: “Ohio High School Plans to Drug-Test All Students at Least Once a Year.”

Administrators at Stephen T. Badin High School in Hamilton, Ohio announces plans to testing its students for drugs and nicotine in an effort discourage drug use and vaping. In a letter to parents this week, the drug-testing program that has been … [Continue reading]

News Comment #13: “The Llama as Therapist.”

In Stockdale, Texas a 300-pound llama strolls through the corridors of the local nursing home, lowering its heads to be petted by residents in wheelchairs and pausing patiently to take selfies. Tic, a white male llama owned by Zoe Rutledge is one … [Continue reading]


I walked into Intro to Dance late this morning, I signed my name on the attendance sheet then proceeded to sit in my usual spot. My spot is the wall to the right hand side of the class room where I sit next to Sabrina Creason. Sabrina is a sophomore … [Continue reading]

Story #3 Final

Good evening and welcome to tonight’s Morningside student podcast; sponsored by Oreos, “Milks favorite cookie. The traditional Thanksgiving season has begun and the war on turkey’s has just been declared in Omaha, Nebraska. The annual Turkey War … [Continue reading]