It’s the little things when it comes to Josephine Becker. A native of Little Rock, Arkansas had her life switched up at age 17 when her parents decided to move to Santa Barbara, California.

“It was one of the worst experiences of my life at the time.” She explained, readjusting her short blonde hair compared to her medium length hair she had when she was a teenager.

Josephine–or Jo to the world w played basketball on elite select teams growing up, she wanted to play for the University of Arkansas before the move.

Her test scores were all laid out, playing time, stat requirements, meetings, practices, all of it was on her to do list to be able to play division 1 basketball for her home state. She ended up not living out her plans due to the transferring and the stress of the move on her goals.

Her eyes shine when she speaks of California, how that particular house and the beach only a few hundred yards away brought her to her current husband, Louis.

When they met on the beach it wasn’t love at first sight, in fact, Jo gave him a stiff punch on the jaw. The reason being, Louis’ friend group at the time were being “creeps” and purposefully annoying Jo and her friend just to cause them “sexual tension.”

“They were annoying at the very beginning, but when I got hurt that same day those five idiots showed me the different sides of them that I’ve kept around to this day. That day we became friends.”

Her story is one people ought to get to know, it’s cute, touching and life changing.


  1. Be careful with the details you include, Kristine. Include only the details that build the image you want.

    Get to Louis sooner. A lot of what you’re doing is teasing. Just jump to the beach and Louis, then explain how the moment was life changing.