News Comment #3: “Japan and South Korea Feud, but Breaking Up Is Hard.”

Allies Japan and South Korea have been giving each other the cold shoulder in recent months. An article by Su-Hyun Lee and Ben Dooley from the NY Times described how the two countries have been going at each other, causing a huge rift in their ally-ship. Koreans have shown their dislike towards the Japanese by not buying Japanese imported goods and avoiding big profitable companies. In retaliation, the Japanese one up’d their feud by removing South Korea from their “white list” which is the list of approved trading of Japans allies.

The title of the article is a mouth full. It is attention grabbing for sure but the added analogies/extra wording ruins the informant point of the title. As for the body paragraphs of the article, there wasn’t a lot background information. The authors told how the two countries antagonized one another but never revealed why or what happened for them to do so. On the other hand, towards the closing it mentioned what a split like theirs would mean to the economy and what they would have to sacrifice with a decision like that.

M’Side, Meet Kassidy Hart.

As another semester begins here at Morningside College, students from far and near come to learn/compete/sleep through lectures. Here, since it’s smaller everyone has a great chance at making more friends and getting to know one another. In Mass COMM 208 the students were asked by the professor to pair up (you know how this works on the first day of class) and ask interview questions so they can write their first Journalism assignment about a classmate. Also, it’s a good way to get know someone. (Like I said, small college = lots of new friends). 

Morningside people reading this really should get to know Kassidy Hart. Her hair goes neatly down to her shoulders and seems to have an automatic pep in her step. Asking her some questions about herself was not boring, she answered with the utmost excitement. She was eager to express what she liked and what brought her here to Sioux City, Iowa all the way from Omaha, Nebraska.

She chose this particular campus over many other options because of the fact Morningside offers an amazing English department so she can one day become a teacher. (whoop whoop!) In addition to that, Kassidy loved how she was able to participate in Theatre here on campus and play Tennis for our school! Additionally, Morningside gave her more scholarships for her academic/athletic efforts! She mentioned how she toured Hastings (boo) but saw what they had to offer fell short of what she wanted (yay!). As you can see she did in fact make the best choice for her and liked it so much, she is back for her Sophomore year with a minor in Journalism.

Besides brushing up on her grammar to teach the youth of the future, Kassidy is still a teen/young adult like everyone else at Morningside. She loveschocolate ice cream. “I’ve been obsessing over Chunky Monkey by Ben & Jerry’s recently… I can’t stop, I loveall chocolate ice cream!” Her eagerness of talking about her favorite temptation is enough to get anyone hooked on ‘Chunky Monkey’ with an enthusiastic devotion to a sweet treat so many of us love. 

Speaking of the word love, Kassidy is in fact in love… With her 1 dog and 3 cats. Her pets sadly still live in Omaha while she attends school, long distance is not fun. Especially when she has a cute orange tabby cat named Nova at home. “Out of all of them I’d have to say she’s my favorite because she’s so cute!” Love has no boundaries, especially when Kassidy beamed on how Nova was fat. All the poof on Nova is nothing but love, it’s definitely love when you nickname each other. Kassidy nicknamed her ‘Fatty’.

Normal hobbies of a normal college student include Netflix. Kassidy is not normal, but she shares a similar hobby most people have in this time period. She also writes! I have no idea what about, since she’s in journalism it’s obvious she takes a great interest in writing. What subjects we don’t know but if we keep an eye out for her articles or newsletters, or whatever journalism has to offer we’ll see what sparks her interests and imagination.Welcome back Kassidy, kill it in all that you’re going to do this year. Everyone at M’Side will know you better thanks to a little ice breaker interview for class!

News Comment #2: “16 States Report 153 Cases of Vaping-related Respiratory Illnesses.”

From the NY Times written by Sheila Kaplan it’s following the CDCP cases that have been occurring in people who admit they vape with nicotine or tetrahydrocannabinol. Symptoms reported are chest pain, vomiting and fatigue. According to the article, it’s a mystery to wear the illness is coming from, but it does not appear to be from an infectious disease. Most patients have been adolescences/young adults.

This was a very organized article, the title was attention grabbing. I liked the organization as in their facts were in order, from the symptoms to who’s being affected and what the next step of action is. I also liked how the article wasn’t biased against or for those who vape. This article should be read by more people because it enlightens on why vaping could be terrible for you.

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