News Comment #14: “Ohio High School Plans to Drug-Test All Students at Least Once a Year.”

Administrators at Stephen T. Badin High School in Hamilton, Ohio announces plans to testing its students for drugs and nicotine in an effort discourage drug use and vaping.

In a letter to parents this week, the drug-testing program that has been an undergoing project in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will begin in January 2020. Students will be tested at least once a year for illicit drugs, alcohol, nicotine and other banned substances.

Students are required to consent to the test as a condition of their enrollment for the school. The potential consequences for violating the drug policy include suspension and expulsion.

I really liked the idea of this article and it was well written. The pyramid criteria I feel was met for the most part. Towards the end it mentioned how many students would need to be tested at the school, 622 students. I feel that should be more at the top with the enrollment paragraph.