I walked into Intro to Dance late this morning, I signed my name on the attendance sheet then proceeded to sit in my usual spot. My spot is the wall to the right hand side of the class room where I sit next to Sabrina Creason. Sabrina is a sophomore who plays setter on the volleyball team. We’ve sat next to each other in this class since the beginning of the semester.

The class was pointless like normal so Sabrina and I walked back to the Poppen Apartments together since we both lived in the same complex. I waited for for Sabrina to put on her white and gray north face coat, then she proceeded to pull her light brown hair out of the hood so it could fall below her shoulders.

Our walk was short but cold. Sabrina mentioned how this weekend football game should be fun.

“It should be a closer game since Northwestern isn’t terrible. Maybe we’ll win by 30 instead of 60.” She laughed carefree.

We walked in step wearing similar clothing, leggings and coats. Yet Sabrina chose to wear white boots made from Sperry. Interesting since there wasn’t snow on the ground you could never be too sure with this Iowa weather.

As we got to the door she took out her flowered lanyard and we went inside. When she said goodbye I noticed her voice sounded stuffy, like she’s been fighting a cold. The inside lighting brought my attention to how pale her skin was out I the cold weather, brightening her brown eyes.