October 9, 2019

Jack Kelley


The Dangers of Vaping

    When you think of dangerous habits, you may think of drinking, smoking, the use of recreational drugs. What you might not think of is vaping, which has been believed to be a safe alternative to smoking. Recent studies have shown that vaping is not what it was once believed to be, and that people need to take a step back and think about what they will inhale into their bodies. 

    Vaping has become one of the most dangerous habits because the devices used to vape can be filled with chemicals that may or may not be regulated. “The scariest part about vaping is that some of these vape companies are not regulated. This means that they can put whatever types of chemicals they want into their “pods” or cartridges, making it very unsafe.” said nurse, Jennifer Kelley. Jennifer has seen in person the effects that vaping has shown in young kids, particularly the high school and college age. “Two big things that I that I have noticed in people who vape on the regular is a constant cough, and higher anxiety levels.”

    I also had the chance to talk to two different people. They both asked to remain anonymous, one of them vaping every day, and the other just one to two times a week. First I talked to the person who vapes everyday. I asked him, “What’s the hardest part about trying to stop vaping?” He responded, “Ever since I started juuling and vaping, it has given me a rush. I don’t really know how to describe it, I just know I can’t leave the house without it.” I then asked him if he had ever tried stopping before? “I have tried stopping twice now. Both times I have thrown away my juul and tried going without it, but I always end up at a gas station to buy a new one. If I stop using my juul I start to feel really sick.” This person has missed multiple days of school because of how he felt once he tries to stop vaping.

    I then started my interview with person number two. I started by asking him, “How often do you vape?” He responded, “I only vape when I am at parties or when my friend is doing it around me.” He went on to say how he rarely does it and is very grateful that he never started vaping as much as the other guy has. I also asked him if he notices any differences when he does vape. “I know whenever I vape my throat gets very dry and burns. I have also started to realize that if I vape all night on Saturday, that I will be short of breath the next day when I go to get my workout in.” 

    Vaping is a common practice is young adults, and really anybody. At first it was seen to be a safe alternative, but studies have shown it is not and the cases of vaping related illnesses have gone through the roof. There has recently been 805 new respiratory illnesses that have been related to vaping, and another twelve deaths that have been related to vaping. The worst part about vaping is that the side effects are mostly unknown. “Another scary part of vaping is the fact that doctors and researchers don’t have enough information to see the long term effects of vaping. Nobody knows what it will do to you yet.” said Jennifer Kelley.

    The number of people who vape continue to grow, and the number of reported illnesses connected with vaping rise with it. There are so many dangers that are still unknown that makes vaping a scary part of our time. It is best just to stay away, and get help if you or someone you know is having trouble stopping. 

Alex Watters

October 3, 2019

What happens when you have a life changing even that completely changes your life? For Alex Watters, he makes the most of it. Alex is a career development specialist here at Morningside and I was able to sit in on an interview with him that changed the way everyone should look at life.

Alex grew up in Okaboji, Iowa, where he loved to fish, wakeboard, swim, golf, and hangout with his friends and family. He was an all state golfer in high school and went to Morningside on a golf scholarship where he dreamed of being a professional golf coach some day. One weekend he decided to go home to Okaboji and spend the weekend with family when his life would be changed forever. It was a windy night and his hat flew off of his head into the water. He decided to dive in for it, but the water was only 18 inches deep. Alex broke his C6 and C5 vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed from the upper chest down.

That doesn’t stop Alex from living his life to his best. “You truly determine your destiny and what you’re going to do and what you’re going to achieve. It’s all how hungry you are, how much you want to achieve. We all have 24 hours in a day.” said Watters. Alex loves inspiring people, and lives by the phrase, “It could be worse.” He continues to live out his life by being a career development specialist, being on the Sioux City city council, and helping students achieve that job they have always dreamed of.

Alex knows that with his disability there are some things he cannot do, but he still lives out a normal life. Alex has a girlfriend who he loves to hangout with and make happy. Another hobby of Alex’s is trying different craft beers, and going to new restaurants to try new food. Although he can’t golf anymore, he still enjoys following friends on the golf course and watching them play. Alex also has a book that is half written that he would someday like to finish and publish. Alex Watters is and inspiration to thousands of people, and shows us how to live life to the fullest when the odds may be against you.

Forest Fires

October 3, 2019

Forest Fires have been appearing all over the world, destroying huge parts of and and forests. One way that researchers are working to prevent this is by the new fire resistant gel. Scientists at Standford have developed a gel that can be sprayed out to put out fires. This gel would cause for fires to be stopped before they break out and it would cause a change in the way forest fires are treated now. Another bonus of this new gel is that it is nontoxic and biodegradable.

I personally think this is a very needed invention. Forest fires have been happening more often and there aren’t a lot of ways that they can be put pit effectively. This article used the upside down pyramid style of writing. It came at you with what you wanted to know right away and then as the article went on you got some other facts that weren’t quite as important. I think this is a very important article for the audience because we are the ones that won’t have forests in the future if we don’t find out a way to stop forest fires.

Iowa Legend

September 25, 2019

Carson king is a 24 year old Iowa State Cyclone fan that lives in Altoona, Iowa. He was seen on ESPN’s College Gameday holding a sign that read, “Busch Light supply needs replenished, Venmo- Carson-King-25”. This sign was showed on ESPN before the Iowa vs Iowa State game and soon the money came rolling in. He looked at his Venmo account and realized that people have been sending him money and was up to $600. He didn’t know what to do so he called his parents and and they told him to donate it to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. Busch Light then said they would match anything he donated and so did Venmo. He got that total up to over 1.1 million dollars. Then, a reporter from The Des Moines Register, pulled up a tweet that he had tweeted 8 years ago that has some racism in it and he was immediately dropped by Busch Light.

The article that I read was on The Des Moines Register and they are currently under a lot of fire. I think this article tried to save themselves by just putting all of the good information in the beginning, then telling the audience what they don’t want to hear about. I think this article does a really good job of explaining the whole story behind the sign and how it raised so much money. You can tell this article is written to a broad audience because it is a just a news article and doesn’t feature any tweets or anything. At the end is where they throw in all of their bad parts like how one of their writers found a way to ruin all of these donations.

Story #2 Idea

September 25, 2019

For my second story I am going to talk about vaping. I think this is a very important subject especially since we are college aged kids and that is the age of people doing it most. Three sources that I think I can use is college students themselves, the on campus nurse, and Sheri Hineman because she is in charge of the dorms I live in and it is banned in the dorms.

“Orange Slice” Review

September 24, 2019

For this assignment I ate an “orange slice” and will describe it for readers. The “orange slice that I ate was a candy and not the actual fruit. The outside was coated with sugar that made it have a rough texture like that of sandpaper. You can’t smell anything from the outside but once you bite into it you can smell the tangy smell of an orange. While chewing it, it was very chewy and sweet, but not too sweet. The gummy was thick and dense so it stuck to your teeth and was very hard to get out. The after taste reminded me of a orange soap smell and was not very pleasant. 

Interview Class Exercise

September 19, 2019

The two items that I needed to find were pocket lint and a conversation of people talking about a “secret”. I easily found two people talking about a secret, but the pocket lint was very tough.

When I first walked outside of the library I saw two guys talking so I went over and introduced myself. I then told them about my assignment and they were happy to help me out and let me in on a secret. One of the guys name was Zach and he told me, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t pass high school, I cheated my way through it.” This wasn’t very shocking to me knowing that a lot of high school students cheat throughout their 4 years but I was surprised how easily he told me that secret having just met me.

My next thing to find was pocket lint. This was was very tough to find for me. I asked numerous people and I got responses like, “Sorry no lint here”, “No these are new pants.” or everyone else was wearing shorts. Finally I came across a guy names Damian. He was wearing khakis and knew there would be some in there because he said, “I just washed these last night.” Next thing you know, he pulled out a little bit of pocket lint for me to take back to class.

Did someone say free tuition?

September 18, 2019

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has just announced a plan to eliminate all tuition costs at any college in New Mexico. This would be available at any of the state’s 29 public college, and wouldn’t just be available to students of low income families. The only requirement to be eligible is that you have to live in the state of New Mexico. The way this will be possible is by taking money from some of the oil rigging profits that are in New Mexico. Eliminating the tuition would cost around 25-35 million dollars every year, but Michelle Lujan Grisham says it will be worth it in the long run and will help promote the state of New Mexico which has one of the lowest average family income in the U.S.

I chose to read this article because it really caught my eye and this is a big topic in politics today. On thing that sticks out to me about this article is its presentation of facts. It uses a lot of numbers and facts that makes it very easy to read and understand. I also think it is a very good article for this website because this website writes to the college aged audience and obviously every college student would love free college. Another thing I think this article does a good job of is talking about some of the other states that are wanting to do this as well.

Trump to ban flavored E-Cigs

September 11, 2019

President Trump has announced to reporters that he plans to ban the sale of flavored E-Cigs. In 33 different states, there have been more than 450 cases of lung illnesses that are linked to vaping. There has also been 5 deaths related to the use of e-cigarettes and vaping. All of this is still being investigated by the CDC, FDA, and state and local health departments but it is hard to pinpoint the cause exactly because a lot of the vapes and e-cigarettes sold are from the black market. These ones are made with a lot less rules and regulations so they can be very dangerous and harmful to the body.

One thing that I noticed about this article is that it uses the upside down pyramid to get its information out. It starts by saying how Trump is going to ban them and how there have been numerous illnesses and and deaths. All of those facts will really get the reader’s attention. Another thing I noticed about this article was the length of it. A lot of facts and information is presented to you but it is only about five paragraphs long so it is very inviting to read. One last thing I noticed was how this article was directed to young adults and teenage kids. Throughout the article it said multiple times how a lot of the people being affected are young adults and teenage kids and I think that fits well with this website because that’s who their audience is.

Story #1 Draft

September 10, 2019

Jack Kelley


What is going on with Antonio Brown?

    For the last nine NFL seasons, Antonio Brown has been a star wide receiver. He has racked up yards, touchdowns, catches, and pro-bowl selections at a rate that not many do. This past offseason Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders from his original team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. So what has all the fuss about Brown been about? 

    Antonio Brown has just been cut by the Oakland Raiders, and signed by the New England Patriots for a one year, fifteen million dollar deal which has ten million of that guaranteed. His stint with the Oakland Raiders was very short and very drama filled. When he first was traded to the Raiders from the Steelers everything appeared to be good and Antonio was happy in Oakland. This trade from Pittsburgh to Oakland was a demanded trade because Brown was not happy with Pittsburgh quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. It wasn’t until the NFL told him during the preseason that his helmet was illegal that caused all of the drama to start. 

    Every ten years the NFL eliminates helmets from their safety protocol that lists the helmets players can and cannot wear due to safety reasons. Brown’s helmet was one of the helmets that was cut off due to the lack of safety and technology used in his helmet. Infuriated by the decision, Brown stopped playing football and threatened to retire from the NFL at such a young age, all because of a helmet. During the season Antonio finally found a helmet that he could see out of and decided to stick with it and start actually playing football. 

    After the helmet controversy was over, the organization was just hoping they could get their star player out of the field. Instead, Antonio skipped a team practice for no known reason. Skipping practice went against the team rules, like most other teams no matter what kind of level. Brown was fined by the Raiders organization for missing practice and was infuriated. He took to Instagram and posted on his story a picture of the fines the Raider’s were sending him. Antonio accepted the fine and everything around him remained quiet for a while until his next outburst. 

    Two days before the Riader’s first regular season game, Antonio got “into it” with Raider’s General Manager Mike Mayock. This confrontation was told to be very personal and at one point Brown threatened to hit Mayock “in the face”, a source within the organization said. This argument is believed to be over the fine he received from skipping practice because it ended with Antonio kicking a football and yelling, “fine me for that!” at the general manager. Because of Antonio’s actions, he was suspended for the first regular season game. Less than 24 hours after the suspension, Raiders head coach John Gruden made a statement saying his suspension is removed because he held a very emotional team meeting in which he apologized to everyone. This made Brown available for week 1.

    Another twist came the next morning when Brown posted a picture on Instagram that said “You are gonna piss a lot of people off when you start doing what’s best for you”, and then ended the caption by saying, “release me. @Raiders”. This followed up with another suspension and the Raiders took away Brown’s 30 million guaranteed dollars, making it that Brown would only get paid if he played that week. Later that day the Raiders finally released Brown, making him a free agent. 

    That very next day, brown was picked up by the New England Patriots. Finally, after all of the drama it seems that Antonio has found a place that he wants to play at. Antonio could not play week 1 against his former Pittsburgh team because he was picked up so late, but look for him to have another great season with the Patriots.