October 9, 2019

Jack Kelley


The Dangers of Vaping

    When you think of dangerous habits, you may think of drinking, smoking, the use of recreational drugs. What you might not think of is vaping, which has been believed to be a safe alternative to smoking. Recent studies have shown that vaping is not what it was once believed to be, and that people need to take a step back and think about what they will inhale into their bodies. 

    Vaping has become one of the most dangerous habits because the devices used to vape can be filled with chemicals that may or may not be regulated. “The scariest part about vaping is that some of these vape companies are not regulated. This means that they can put whatever types of chemicals they want into their “pods” or cartridges, making it very unsafe.” said nurse, Jennifer Kelley. Jennifer has seen in person the effects that vaping has shown in young kids, particularly the high school and college age. “Two big things that I that I have noticed in people who vape on the regular is a constant cough, and higher anxiety levels.”

    I also had the chance to talk to two different people. They both asked to remain anonymous, one of them vaping every day, and the other just one to two times a week. First I talked to the person who vapes everyday. I asked him, “What’s the hardest part about trying to stop vaping?” He responded, “Ever since I started juuling and vaping, it has given me a rush. I don’t really know how to describe it, I just know I can’t leave the house without it.” I then asked him if he had ever tried stopping before? “I have tried stopping twice now. Both times I have thrown away my juul and tried going without it, but I always end up at a gas station to buy a new one. If I stop using my juul I start to feel really sick.” This person has missed multiple days of school because of how he felt once he tries to stop vaping.

    I then started my interview with person number two. I started by asking him, “How often do you vape?” He responded, “I only vape when I am at parties or when my friend is doing it around me.” He went on to say how he rarely does it and is very grateful that he never started vaping as much as the other guy has. I also asked him if he notices any differences when he does vape. “I know whenever I vape my throat gets very dry and burns. I have also started to realize that if I vape all night on Saturday, that I will be short of breath the next day when I go to get my workout in.” 

    Vaping is a common practice is young adults, and really anybody. At first it was seen to be a safe alternative, but studies have shown it is not and the cases of vaping related illnesses have gone through the roof. There has recently been 805 new respiratory illnesses that have been related to vaping, and another twelve deaths that have been related to vaping. The worst part about vaping is that the side effects are mostly unknown. “Another scary part of vaping is the fact that doctors and researchers don’t have enough information to see the long term effects of vaping. Nobody knows what it will do to you yet.” said Jennifer Kelley.

    The number of people who vape continue to grow, and the number of reported illnesses connected with vaping rise with it. There are so many dangers that are still unknown that makes vaping a scary part of our time. It is best just to stay away, and get help if you or someone you know is having trouble stopping. 

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