Scientists are looking for a way to keep alive the Northern White Rhinoceros population by using different forms of breeding never done to animals of this kind before. There are only two of them left in the world and they both happen to be males so they are trying to impregnate these two females with frozen sperm from past males. Seven of the ten eggs they tried to fertilize, fertilized and the scientists are hoping that they will develop healthy embryos. This type of fertilization process is commonly done in humans and cattle but never before in an animal like this one. Scientists also say that the reason the Northern White Rhinoceros is very close to extinct is because of human actions due to the high numbers of poaching and habitat loss. Overall, scientists have done something that can be used on future animals to stop them from coming extinct even if it is too late to save the Northern White Rhinoceros.

This is a very well written and informational article on All of the information is presented in an order that is very easy to read. On thing that I really like about this article is that a lot of the times when talking about science, writers use big words that some may not understand. This article does a great job of using words everyone will understand, and if not they do a very good job of explaining. I also like this article just because it is a wake up call to the people of today. This animal is going to maybe become extinct and they know for a fact that it was for human reasons. Because of this, the author really made a statement in that we need to stop the killing of endangered animals like the Northern White Rhinoceros.

Margaret Moore Interview

August 26, 2019

The person who I interviewed was Margaret Moore. Margaret is a freshman here at Morningside College just like myself. She is eighteen years old and is from Princeton, Illinois, a town of about 7,000 people. Princeton is about two hours south of Chicago and that is where she attended Princeton High School, a high school with an enrollment of about four hundred students. In her graduating class there were 100 students.

So I asked her, why did you come eight hours away from home to go to Morningside? Margaret’s mom is actually a teacher here at Morningside college so that allowed her to get a free education here. She originally picked a mass communications major, but soon found out that wasn’t what she wanted to do and switched to a Psychology major. I then asked her, what made you chose this class? She responded that a journalism class would be good for a mass communications major and she just never switched this class since she changed to a psychology major.

One of Margaret’s favorite hobbies is art. She has also been a very big fan of many different types of art, and that includes creating it herself. Some other facts about Margaret is that her favorite color is green and her favorite food is sushi. I also asked her what her favorite animal is and she responded with a koala which I thought was a very interesting and unique response. That is a little bit about Margaret Moore.

Hello world!

August 22, 2019

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