What Happens if the Amazon Burns?

This article on mic.com is all about the current burning of the Amazon rainforest. Not only do these fires affect the animals and species that live in the forest, but also the people who value the rainforest and the indigenous groups that live inside the rainforest. One of the major reasons this is such a big deal is because the Amazon rainforest is home to about 10 percent of all species known to mankind. Another huge reason for the fires being so negative is that the Amazon is almost just as big as the United States and ecause of this, plays a huge part in maintaining the ecosystem. Because the Amazon traps and stores carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere, the destruction of the forest would hurt. lot more than just South America,

I personally really liked this article for multiple reasons. One reason was how it was all laid out. It made it very easy to read because it had three distinct sections of the article. One section about how it effects the wildlife, another section about how it effects the people that live in the rainforest, and a last section on how it will effect the Earth. I think it does a great job getting the reader to pay attention because it gives real facts about what can or will happen if it continues to burn that everyone should be aware of. I also liked how it is geared toward millennials because this is a problem that could effect all of our near futures.


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