Forest Fires

October 3, 2019

Forest Fires have been appearing all over the world, destroying huge parts of and and forests. One way that researchers are working to prevent this is by the new fire resistant gel. Scientists at Standford have developed a gel that can be sprayed out to put out fires. This gel would cause for fires to be stopped before they break out and it would cause a change in the way forest fires are treated now. Another bonus of this new gel is that it is nontoxic and biodegradable.

I personally think this is a very needed invention. Forest fires have been happening more often and there aren’t a lot of ways that they can be put pit effectively. This article used the upside down pyramid style of writing. It came at you with what you wanted to know right away and then as the article went on you got some other facts that weren’t quite as important. I think this is a very important article for the audience because we are the ones that won’t have forests in the future if we don’t find out a way to stop forest fires.

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