Iowa Legend

September 25, 2019

Carson king is a 24 year old Iowa State Cyclone fan that lives in Altoona, Iowa. He was seen on ESPN’s College Gameday holding a sign that read, “Busch Light supply needs replenished, Venmo- Carson-King-25”. This sign was showed on ESPN before the Iowa vs Iowa State game and soon the money came rolling in. He looked at his Venmo account and realized that people have been sending him money and was up to $600. He didn’t know what to do so he called his parents and and they told him to donate it to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital in Iowa City. Busch Light then said they would match anything he donated and so did Venmo. He got that total up to over 1.1 million dollars. Then, a reporter from The Des Moines Register, pulled up a tweet that he had tweeted 8 years ago that has some racism in it and he was immediately dropped by Busch Light.

The article that I read was on The Des Moines Register and they are currently under a lot of fire. I think this article tried to save themselves by just putting all of the good information in the beginning, then telling the audience what they don’t want to hear about. I think this article does a really good job of explaining the whole story behind the sign and how it raised so much money. You can tell this article is written to a broad audience because it is a just a news article and doesn’t feature any tweets or anything. At the end is where they throw in all of their bad parts like how one of their writers found a way to ruin all of these donations.

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