Interview Class Exercise

September 19, 2019

The two items that I needed to find were pocket lint and a conversation of people talking about a “secret”. I easily found two people talking about a secret, but the pocket lint was very tough.

When I first walked outside of the library I saw two guys talking so I went over and introduced myself. I then told them about my assignment and they were happy to help me out and let me in on a secret. One of the guys name was Zach and he told me, “To tell you the truth, I didn’t pass high school, I cheated my way through it.” This wasn’t very shocking to me knowing that a lot of high school students cheat throughout their 4 years but I was surprised how easily he told me that secret having just met me.

My next thing to find was pocket lint. This was was very tough to find for me. I asked numerous people and I got responses like, “Sorry no lint here”, “No these are new pants.” or everyone else was wearing shorts. Finally I came across a guy names Damian. He was wearing khakis and knew there would be some in there because he said, “I just washed these last night.” Next thing you know, he pulled out a little bit of pocket lint for me to take back to class.

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