Trump to ban flavored E-Cigs

September 11, 2019

President Trump has announced to reporters that he plans to ban the sale of flavored E-Cigs. In 33 different states, there have been more than 450 cases of lung illnesses that are linked to vaping. There has also been 5 deaths related to the use of e-cigarettes and vaping. All of this is still being investigated by the CDC, FDA, and state and local health departments but it is hard to pinpoint the cause exactly because a lot of the vapes and e-cigarettes sold are from the black market. These ones are made with a lot less rules and regulations so they can be very dangerous and harmful to the body.

One thing that I noticed about this article is that it uses the upside down pyramid to get its information out. It starts by saying how Trump is going to ban them and how there have been numerous illnesses and and deaths. All of those facts will really get the reader’s attention. Another thing I noticed about this article was the length of it. A lot of facts and information is presented to you but it is only about five paragraphs long so it is very inviting to read. One last thing I noticed was how this article was directed to young adults and teenage kids. Throughout the article it said multiple times how a lot of the people being affected are young adults and teenage kids and I think that fits well with this website because that’s who their audience is.

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