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Today we ate at Red Bones Cafe in downtown Sioux City. Once again I have never been to this restaurant. My first thought entering the place was that it was a hole in the wall, Sioux City hit, Mexican restaurant. When I first saw my group and took a seat I was very quickly greeted and put in my drink order. I soon realized after looking at the menu that this was not a Mexican restaurant. Upon arriving I found out that this meal was going to be on the channel nine news. I started getting very nervous because I don’t like attention and I get scared of looking like a fool especially if it was on the six o’clock news! Lets just say I soon took that nervousness to the next level when the lady, Diana, asked me to if I cold be interviewed. I have a hard time saying no, so I accepted. I could feel my face getting red, I suddenly felt really hot and started sweating. I asked if she could ask me the questions beforehand so I could mentally prepare myself. I do not do well with these kinds of things, but I did survive.

I’m not sure exactly what type of food Red Bones Cafe was considered but I stuck with the theme of trying something knew that I’ve never had before, so I had to pass up the chicken strips and I ordered the smoked sausage. This came with a corn bread muffin and also two sides, which I chose cheesy corn and side salad. I know the side salad wasn’t something different for me, but I figured I was still covering my theme. I had no idea what to expect with my food, I really had no idea what I ordered besides the name. The waitress told me that it was sliced and cut up sausage on a Texas Toast. For some reason I still could not picture this because I was picturing the sausage as if it were pulled pork and I didn’t comprehend how that would look with it being sausage. Well, once I received my food I figured it out pretty fast. As I was taking my first couple of bites, I had the camera in my face that forced me to eat properly. I was expecting the smoked sausage to be a sandwich, well it was just the smoked sliced sausage on one piece of Texas toast. This required me to eat with a fork, but that didn’t matter it was still very good. It did have a little bit of a kick to the spice, but not as much as the cheesy corn. I did like the cheesy corn but it was a little too spicy than I would prefer. My food came out in decent time for the number of orders received. As a dessert I tried something new and ordered the sweet potato pie. This took an extremely long time to receive especially because I ordered it with the rest of my entrée. I probably waited a good 25 minutes after I finished my meal to receive my dessert that took me 2 minutes to eat. My sweet potato pie did exceed my expectations; I was a little scared just because I didn’t think a potato would be a dessert. It was a dessert and it was delicious, it kind of tasted like pumpkin pie to me. Overall I did enjoy my first Red Bones Cafe experience. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Side of cheesy corn and corn bread

Side of cheesy corn and corn bread