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House of Q is the first restaurant I am going to try my new theme about. I have never eaten at House of Q before, so I knew this would be a good start. I am not sure why I have never eaten there before today because it is so conveniently located close to campus. Walking it reminded me of a restaurant my brother-in-law opened back where I’m from, which already made me feel comfortable. We had reservations, but otherwise I’m pretty sure you just seat yourself and when you’re ready to order just go up front and order. I tried out my theme and ordered something new called “Smoked Big D Burger.”

With a side of sweet potato fries

With a side of sweet potato fries

This was a hamburger toped with cheese onion rings and pulled pork, delicious! I picked two sides to go along with it, sweet potato fries and a chocolate kicker. The Chocolate Kicker that I ordered was chocolate chips, peanut butter, and banana wrapped in a tortilla shell, then deep fried and drizzled with chocolate syrup and bourbon whipped topping. I was the last of the class to order because it takes me so long to decide what I want to order. I have a problem making decisions; my mind views every situation as if it were life or death for some reason. Anyway, I knew that I would get my food last do to this flaw of mine, but I was very impressed with how fast the food started to come out. Once I receive my food, I dove in (after cutting it in half of course). I was so hungry and watching everyone else get theirs before me made be twice as anxious. I had never had this combination of food before, but I have zero complaints. I all stayed together on the bun when I ate it, the temperature was perfect, sweet potato fries were crispy and seasoned just how I like it, and the chocolate kicker just toped off the whole meal for me. I am a huge dessert person; I love almost every type especially if there is chocolate involved. The chocolate kicker was warm and the chocolate and peanut butter just melted in my mouth with every bite, which is make my mouth water all over again just talking about it. I also came across the idea that because I have such a sweet tooth, that may I should order a dessert every time and write about that also. I can judge them and compare, which is ultimately what I would love to do, I just would prefer not to gain 20lbs in three weeks. I’ll make that decision on the next meal. House of Q exceeded my expectations, I was impressed with the waiting staff they were very accommodating to our needs because I know it’s hard to serve 20 people all at once. I am not a very picky eater, but I couldn’t tell you what I disliked about my meal. The only complaint I have is how long it took me to get my food, which is really my fault because I ordered last and I was just watching 20 people get theirs before me that I was with. I would recommend this place to anyone craving barbeque for lunch or dinner, with quick service and pretty good prices.