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Milwaukee Weiner House and Coney Island


Today we ate at Milwaukee Weiner House and Coney Island. The main idea I got out of trying both of these restaurants back to back was to compare hot dogs, which I did. The first one we went to was Milwaukee Weiner House. Yesterday and today I accidently did not save half of my meal like I originally planned.  The portion size was not worthy of splitting up unless I wanted to leave the restaurant still hungry. I have not been to either of these places before so and I really had no idea what to expect. I was thinking it would be a fast served restaurant with the food made on the spot and lots of options to choose from, but that’s the only think I had in mind. At Milwaukee Weiner House and Coney Island I ordered the same thing, a chilidog made their special ways, which for the most part they tasted the exact same.


I preferred Milwaukee Weiner House to Coney Island for multiple reasons. The first reason was the atmosphere; Milwaukee Weiner House was much more inviting and was very tentative of each of our needs. They were working as fast as they could to make sure our wait wasn’t very long. Their staff was very friendly and my food was gone in about two minutes. I ate it fast because it wasn’t very big to begin with. The hotdog itself was nothing special, the chili that they put on it was good, but I figured they would have more options or something that made them more unique. The food was very good, but it just an ordinary chilidog to me.


Another reason I preferred Milwaukee Weiner House to Coney Island is because it took Coney Island a very long time to get their food out. It was an older couple that was running the restaurant at the time. They were extremely nice people, but sometimes older people move at a slower pace then most and like to chat a little bit more. Milwaukee Weiner House had a few more options on the menu then Coney Island.



At Milwaukee Weiner House I ordered the chilidog, salt and vinegar chips, strawberry crush, and a strawberry shake. I was not sure at the time what Coney Island’s menu was to see if I would be able to compare desserts along with meals, Coney Island did not have desserts besides candy bars. It was hard for me to stick with my theme this time around because there wasn’t much on the menu before that I had never had, so I tried to compare the same meal between the two. Milwaukee Weiner House did have a better chili dog. The only thing on both menus that has something new to me was a Coney Island’s onion chips, which I ordered. Again, these didn’t really do anything to wow me, just tasted like onion rings (which I do still enjoy). Both of these meals had nothing wrong with them and I enjoyed them both. The only thing I would suggest would be for them to have a few more options to add to their hotdogs to make their restaurant more unique. For Coney Island, I noticed that Codey got the hamburger which did not look appetizing because it looked like it had be through many processed machines. There was nothing “fresh” about it to make it look appetizing. I hope I’m not degrading Coney Island because it was the second place we ate which would mean I wasn’t as hungry and was able to critique it more. I did enjoy both of these places very much, but I would be more likely to return to Milwaukee Weiner House over Coney Island.


With a side of slat and vinegar chips, strawberry shake, and strawberry crush.

Milwaukee Weiner House: Chilidog wiith a side of slat and vinegar chips, strawberry shake, and strawberry crush.


Side of onion chips

Coney Island: Chilidog with a side of onion chips.