Something New.

I never thought I’d be able to get college credit for just being able to go out to eat everyday as a class. I am definitely not complaining though! Everybody has to eat anyway, so why not do my homework and come hungry. When I was told I have to have a theme for this class, I struggled. I still am struggling. I debated about how I would go about making it a healthy. I was thinking I could always order the healthiest thing on the menu, but then I thought I would be stuck with salads all the time so I decided not to.  I then considered to always trying something new and pretty different so that way if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t eat it all, which would save a few pounds from being gained. Then I nixed that idea because I do want to enjoy my food. So what I came up with so far is to always order something I have never tried but still looks pretty good, and to only eat half of it. I figured portion control with something I would enjoy is another way to attempt at staying healthy. This decision also allows me not to worry about what’s for supper every night too, leftovers!