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Minervas was the place where we wrapped up our class. For the first time every I can actually say I was sad that a class was over. This class has honestly taught me more than I am even conscious of. Everywhere I go I am constantly looking to try something I have never had before and mixing it up. I think this is a good life lesson because otherwise you wont explore and appreciate all the different things that life offers. Food is just a small minor part of it and living your life to the fullest.

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Minervas is a place I kept hearing about, but never went there. I constantly heard it was good so this was finally my chance to test it out. I feel like I have nothing bad to say about any of these places, but I don’t like to complain about them because some just are made to suit different types of needs. Everywhere is meant to please different types of people. Our teacher decided to let the class pay for a round for the students to drink alcohol without paying for it separately. I hate that I’m not twenty-one, but I am so close. Well, to solve this issue I decided to not feel completely left out so I ordered a raspberry daiquiri, just had to make it a virgin one. This just started out my last meal on a good note. I loved flavored iced drinks like that.


Of course I had my three-course meal again. For my appetizer I ordered the bruschetta with olives and ham. This was very good also. I didn’t like it as much as the one I had at Trattoria Fresco earlier in the class. My favorite part of ordering bruschetta is the bread; I just love the bread and how it’s baked and crispy but yet soft and doesn’t crumble. Maybe I didn’t like this one as much is because I’m not a huge fan of olives, but I picked that one over the one with mushrooms because I know I really do not enjoy mushrooms.


For my main course I ordered the Black and Bleu Steak Tips. This was blackened steak tips, caramelized onions, bleu cheese sauce, and garlic mashed potatoes. I was very skeptical of this at first because I was really craving he Chicago Style Dip, but I knew I had something like this earlier in the week. So I guess I ended up my class with part of the theme I tried following throughout the course and ordered something I’ve never had before. I tell you what I keep getting surprised and I loved it. I really have not had a bad meal yet. I ordered the bleu cheese on the side so normally it would come mixed in. the only thing I did not try was the peppers. The caramelized onions will change anyone’s mind that normally does not like onions. This was the perfect-portioned meal. I honestly would probably get the same thing next time I go to Minervas, or I would at least recommend it.


Dessert I had the dark chocolate torte. I have a major weakness for chocolate, and even a bigger weakness for dark chocolate. This was calling my name on the menu and really had no competition in my eyes. It lived up to every expectation I had for it too. I didn’t really know what a torte was, and still really don’t but it seemed like a mixture between a cake, brownie, cheesecake, and pie. I couldn’t really tell but I didn’t care. I left stuffed full and will definitely be returning to this place whenever I have a reason to go out with others.