Turkey warns Syria on border violation

War is creeping closer between Syria and Turkey.  Turkey is ready to act if Syria sends aircraft into Turkey’s airspace. Troops are already on the border ready to push into Syria if another conflict occurs. Since this civil war has started 36,000 people have died and 11,000 people have escaped into Turkey last week. The Syria civil war fighting is only about hundred miles from the Turkey border.  Turkey is on its last strew with Syria and is not going to back down from protecting its people.

This is news worthy because the northern part of Syria is an oil-producing region and this could conflict with the gas prices around the world if this region becomes a war zone. With the civil war getting closer to Turkey and threating its people what will happen if other countries like Jordan and Lebanon start to have conflicts from Syria from this civil war? Another war is on the break in the Middle East, the United States still has not said anything about sending troops to help Turkey.

This story was well written because it gave what has happen in the passed and what actions Turkey has taken against Syria for damaging parts of Turkey and killing Turkey civilians. The author also included how many people have died during this civil war and the amount of people that fled into neighboring countries.  With people fleeing into neighboring countries this could trigger more fighting from neighboring countries if they do not want to help the fleeing Syrians.


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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Agreed, Gage. But it looks like Syria will be pushed off the front pages by Israel and Hamas. Assad in Syria will more than likely take advantage of our inattention.