One Response to “Stories”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Gage: The broadcast is pretty rough still, Gage. Writing it “as a broadcast,” with introductions and station ID and all that wasn’t required, but by introducing the stories “the first story is” and “the second story is” means you’re not doing leads for them. All the stories are a bit thin. You have the required elements, but listeners won’t gain much from them. With the Guard story you could at least explain how to sign up or where to get more info.

    There’s also a natural connection between the first and second story. Use that to transition.

    Having someone read the research conclusion doesn’t quite work in the third story. Could you have found someone to comment on the research? Someone who has kids?

    Finally, it’s awkward to end stories/broadcasts with a quote. You need to sum up and send the story out so the listeners realize it’s all over.